The original Star Trek was one of my favorite shows as a kid, and I always thought Mr. Spock was just the coolest. When I heard that he had passed on, Paws thought, why not do a kitty spoof, and see if readers thought Linus could pass for a Vulcan cat. I don’t ever remember a cat being on the series, but perhaps, readers remember one. If so, please weigh in on the discussion, and share your thoughts and comments.

Do you think I might be a Star Trek Vulcan kitty?
Do you think I might be a Star Trek Vulcan kitty?



  1. BJ,

    Absolutely and without a doubt this cat might be a#StarTrek Vulcan kitty. I say this not only because of his ears- which is a no-brainer- but the expression on his face indicates to me that he is extremely intelligent and gives every issue he is considering a great deal of thought. This picture may even have been shot while he was off deeply in meditation.

  2. My hubby is the trekkie in the house. He told me he ised to get his hair cut to look like Spock. He doesn’t remember a cat, only in The Next Generation ( Datas). You could still do a spoof with cats as Spock, etc.

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