CritterZone Air Naturlizer

CritterZone Air Naturlizer

CritterZone Air Naturalizer’s may be small in size, but it’s mighty powerful when it comes to eliminating pet odors. And for us pet owners, that’s the most pawsome thing we could bring into the home.

With 5 cats and a busy lifestyle of a full-time job, freelance writing, blogging, a big old farmhouse to take care of, and life’s stuff that comes pummeling at us 100 plus miles an hour, Paws for Reflection can’t remain a slave to cleaning the litter box every 5 minutes; yet, we don’t want the house to smell like a litter box, either.

A stinky litter box is downright offensive to the humans and the cats.

With CritterZone Air Naturalizer, you’d never know you have a litter box in the house. The air naturalizer is the best that we’ve seen, and we’d recommend this filter to any pet household. Paws for Reflection has been using the product for over a year, and it’s still going strong.

What makes it so special is that a charged flow circulates throughout the room, removing unwanted particles from the air, similar to what happens outside. The result: fresher, cleaner, healthier air.

Here’s how it works. The air naturalization process is chemical-free, filterless, natural inspired

CritterZone Air Naturalizer

CritterZone Air Naturalizer

technology. By producing a naturally charged flow to the air, CritterZone gives indoor air the same energy the sun gives outdoor air to clean itself.

This flow cleans the room continuously eliminating odors, bacteria, dust and allergens.

It’s better for the pet owner(s), the pets, and yes, our company. It’s fact the human nose gets used to odors within minutes – due to  temporary sensory fatigue, or olfactory adaptation – but when someone new comes into ‘our space’, they can pick up on that same odor in seconds.

What we find is just the ‘natural smell’ of our home, can actually be offensive to company. Imagine, a date, a family get-together, or dinner with friends. They just might not be so impressed with our multi or single pet home. And they may never want to return to that place with an ‘offensive smell’.

CritterZone doesn’t use filters, so we don’t have to scurry around and spends lots of money trying to replace them, and unless we order from the manufacturer, we know air filters are just one of the hardest things to find.

Designed to clean air in an 800-square-foot area, it costs less than a penny a day. It also helps neutralize the smell from pet accidents. So if Fluffy or Fido have an unwanted accident outside the box, the odor doesn’t take over the house.

Paws for Reflection joins a host of other that believe CritterZone is the real deal.
Other kudos for the product include:

– In September 2012, CritterZone Air Naturalizer was awarded first place for Best New Miscellaneous pet product introduced at the SuperZoo International Show is Las Vegas.

– Named Top Pick by ‘Dog Fancy‘ at the Global Pet Expo, 2013.

– And endorsed by, as a 4.5 Star product.

To find out more about CritterZone, visit their website at

Paws for Reflection is so impressed with CrittzerZone that we’ve added a link to purchase the product as part of an affiliate marketing program, which is listed on the sidebar on the right hand side of this page. Paws for Reflection is not being compensated for this blog post. Keep in mind, Paws for Reflection will not endorse any product that we would not use ourselves, and as stated above we purchased a CritterZone Air Naturalizer at the 2013 BlogPaws Conference, and have been using it ever since. Have you had litter box odor problems? What has worked, and what hasn’t. Please weigh in on the discussion and share your thoughts and comments.


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4 Responses to CritterZone Air Naturalizer eliminates #litter box odors, keeping your air fresh & clean

  1. sandy wuerch says:

    I use the same technology Right Now and love it.It would be interesting to compare companies and units???I Breed Ragdoll Cats so this is a Handly technology for us.

  2. maria says:

    how do i buy one of these critter zone litter odour free machines?
    how much are they?
    kindest regards maria

    • BJ says:

      Click on the link on the right hand side of my page, the one with the big fat cat, CritterZone. That will take you to Critter Zone’s site and you can order one. Let me know how you like it. I think it’s GREAT!

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