10 Reasons having a cat is better than kids

Siamese cats have handsome blue eyes
My Siamese Cat Linus shows off his handsome blue eyes

Siamese Cat Linus is lots better than having kids
Siamese Cat Linus is lots better than having kids
Cats are just the best companions. They are relatively low maintenance, and they provide tons of entertainment. They give us unconditional love and remain life-long friends. They, like kids, are with us for many a year.

Unlike kids, cats are relatively low maintenance, and Paws shares 10 reasons why having cats is better than having kids.

1) No diapers needed.
2) No teasing for money, no matter what age they are.
3) No school activities that run you ragged for years.
4) No Driver’s Ed and high auto insurance costs.
5) No worry about what profession they’ll pursue when they grow up or how you’ll pay those college bills.
6) No panic when they don’t get home at the midnight curfew because they’re joy riding with their friends.
7) No drug and alcohol addictions.
8) If the kitties are spay/neutered, no worry about early babies or teenage pregnancies.
9) No proms, graduations and wedding bills that run into big bucks.
10) No could have, would have, should have – comparing you to their friends’ parents.

Our cats love us no matter what. And if you treat them extra special, they’ll love you even more.

Do you have some reasons to share on why having cats is better than having kids? If so, please share and join in on this fun discussion.

BJ Bangs is an established journalist, photographer, and an aspiring author. She loves everything about cats, including writing about them.


  1. I agree with everything and I am glad I took the crazy cat lady path in life. The only hard thing is they don’t live as long as human children and the heartbreak it tough.


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