Kitty celebrates #Flag Day

The cat Lenny gives reverence to the flag of the USA on Flag Day
The cat Lenny gives reverence to the USA flag on Flag Day

Do your cats do anything special for Flag Day? Lenny is quite impressed with the USA flag. He’s also happy he has a Great home with a human that spoils him rotten. What are your cats doing this Flag Day and lazy Sunday? Please weigh in on this fun discussion and share your comments.

4 responses to “Kitty celebrates #Flag Day”

  1. Rosa @ Cat Lady Confidential Avatar
    Rosa @ Cat Lady Confidential

    Great photo! I live in Portugal and here we don’t have flag day. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    1. BJ Avatar

      Bet they have special days that are the kitties favorites

  2. Ellen Pilch Avatar
    Ellen Pilch

    That photo is adorable. My kitties had mini flags in their food can -just for a photo 🙂

    1. BJ Avatar

      Props work great for kitty photos

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