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Cats rule at the Paws’ household. They are our soul-mats, and nothing is too good for them. We should re-phrase that and say, almost nothing is good enough for them, and we want to spoil them with lots of yummy gourmet food that’s keeps them healthy for many, many years to come.

Cats Yellow and Linus give a thumbs up to Hill's Ideal Balance Crafted
Cats Yellow and Linus give a thumbs up to Hill’s Ideal Balance Crafted
When we heard about Hill’s Ideal Balance™ Crafted® line, we were thrilled because it offers slowly cooked food in small batches, tested by a team of highly trained Veterinary Nutritionists, to deliver the ultimate in nutrition for our cats. This is exactly what we’d do at the Paws’ household if we could make a home-made gourmet healthy meal for the kitties from our own oven every day.

Now, sad to say, if the cats had to rely on their ultra-busy humans for this specialty food, they’d probably get it a half-dozen times a year. Thanks to Hills Ideal Crafted, our feline family can feast upon these delectable flavors every day. The new line has dry cat food, canned cat food, and kitty treats.

Siamese Cat Linus checks out new Hill's Ideal Balance Crafted
Siamese Cat Linus checks out new Hill’s Ideal Balance Crafted
At Paws for Reflection, we have happy with Hill’s Pet Nutrition products. They’ve been a staple in our feline family for over a decade. Our felines put the new Ideal Balance™ Crafted® to the test, and it won. They loved it.

The detail that has gone into the preparation is pretty amazing. It all begins with selecting high quality meats, wholesome vegetables and ancient grains, including ingredients like barley and chickpeas, to create unique, flavorful recipes. Then, all the ingredients are carefully mixed and added to the dough.

Another real plus, it is:

  • All natural ingredients with:
    • No wheat, corn or soy
    • No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives
  • Available in grain-free varieties
  • And it’s made in the USA
  • Gently Cooked

    The dough is gently cooked at 250-300 degrees to lock in flavor and nutrition. It’s carefully cut into crispy, custom-shaped kibble that cat’s love. Years of taste research ensure each bite is as tasty as it can be. Texture and shape are every bit as important to finicky felines who are concerned about more than just nutrition, or even the ingredients. We all know cats can be very picky about what they like and don’t like. And it’s refreshing to hear the new Hill’s Ideal Balance™ Crafted® is the result of many years of Hill’s research into the importance of texture and shape when it comes to the palatability of food for cats.

    The Best for Your Pet

    Siamese Cat Linus oversees the Hill's Ideal Balance Crafted that just arrived in the mail
    Siamese Cat Linus loves the Hill’s Ideal Balance Crafted that just arrived in the mail
    Siamese Cat Linus checks out new Hill’s Ideal Balance Crafted[/caption]From start to finish, Hill’s takes the extra time to oversee every batch, ensuring quality and consistency. This unique, culinary approach provides your pet a high-quality meal with uncompromised nutrition that’s 100% perfectly balanced.

    Hill's Ideal Balance Crafted will delight your kitties.
    Hill’s Ideal Balance Crafted will absolutely delight your kitties.

    That same attention to detail and palatability go into the Ideal Balance Crafted wet food. Hill’s mix the meat, gravy and vegetables into a delicious stew. Then it’s canned and slow-cooked at 250 degrees to lock in flavor and nutrition. Years of taste research ensure each bite is as tasty as it can be. The well-crafted style: slower, small batch process ensures quality and consistency.

    It all sounds absolutely delicious, and the kitties at the Paws’ household agree. But now you have a chance to check out for yourself in this exciting Giveaway for a chance to win a $300 gift card to PetSmart to purchase Ideal Balance Crafted products with your dog or cat at a local PetSmart Store.

    GiveAway details:

    This Giveaway is hosted by the BlogPaws Professional Blogger Network and sponsored by Hill’s Ideal Balance CRAFTED. There is no purchase necessary in order to be eligible to win and is void where prohibited. This Giveaway is open to anyone that resides in the United States and is over the age of 18. Employees of Pet360, Inc.,Hill’s Pet Nutrition, PetSmart and their immediate families are ineligible. This Giveaway will be open from 6/9 – 6/30/2015 at 11:59pm ET. Winners will be notified on or about Wednesday 7/1/15 and will have 24 hours to respond to the email before forfeiting their prize.

    **About the Giveaway:**

    One winner will receive a $300 gift card to PetSmart to purchase Ideal Balance CRAFTED products for either their dog or cat at their local PetSmart store. The gift card will be mailed to the winner approximately 4 – 6 weeks from acceptance.

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