Kitty is ready for baseball's opening day
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Cats ready to play baseball

Wordless Wednesday: Cats are ready to play baseball

Baseball is America’s favorite past-time, and with July fast approaching, Paws thought our kitties might like to play ball. The truth is, they prefer much smaller balls and cat toys to the larger baseball. They bat at them just like they were a home plate – sometimes even hitting a home run out of the living room. They chase just like being in the outfield, and needless to say they are awesome catchers. Sometimes they even pitch their toys to one of their fellow cats, and then they wrestle to see who gains control.

Do your cats play ball? Let’s imagine who they could rival if they were on the ball field. Weigh in with your comments on this Wordless Wednesday (even thought it’s Thursday), and share some fun comments.

Cat is ready to play baseball
Cat is ready to play baseball
Cat gets ready to bat. Maybe he'll hit a much-needed home run for the #Boston Red Sox
Cat gets ready to bat. Maybe he’ll hit a much needed home run for the #Boston Red Sox

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3 responses to “Cats ready to play baseball”

  1. Summer Avatar

    I prefer tub hockey myself.

    1. BJ Avatar

      Anything that moves keeps the kitties happy. That is if they’re not sleeping.

  2. Ellen Pilch Avatar
    Ellen Pilch

    Great photos and they certainly chose the right team :) ( I am from Massachusetts).

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