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Clyde is an ideal senior cat

Clyde is an ideal senior cat

Meet Clyde. He was my Mom’s cat, snuggling by her side and making her feel safe. He was adopted in December of 2001 at an approximate age of 1 to 3. That would make him from 16 to 18 years of age. For a kitty his age, he is amazingly healthy. However, he is a scaredy cat. He is afraid of my 2 younger cats, and earlier this year, had resorted to hiding in a bathroom closet with the towels. I couldn’t stand to see that, so I moved him upstairs. Now, this may sound cold; however, he probably gets more snuggle time than the rest as he gets my bed. He’s got a queen size bed, nice sunny windows, and 3 rooms all to himself. His food, water and litter box are all upstairs, as well. My 2 older cats will come up to sleep at night, but they get along pretty well. It’s the younger ones that are relentless, and when he runs, they chase. Then, it’s war.

Senior Cats are the best

Senior Cats are the best

Senior cats make great pets

Senior cats make great pets

Mom had Alzheimer’s Disease, and while she was at home, Clyde was her pride and joy. He was her friend, and he kept her company while I was working. She was all smiles one day when I came home from work, to my aghast, to find my Smokey Blue (now deceased) and Clyde sitting on the deck, so happy that she’d let them outside into the sunshine and fresh air. They were inside, only, cats, but she wanted them out with her, and that was that.

I’m amazed that Clyde has adopted to living with just, me. Mom went into Residential Care in November of 2009, right after Thanksgiving. He’s adjusted very well, and now he has moved on, and I’ve become his new human Mom. She passed on, but for him, she’s moved away a long time ago, and all he could feel was my sorrow. All 5 cats just knew they had to step up to the plate and do a little extra in this time of sorrow.

Senior cats great for elderly and everyone

Senior cats great for elderly and everyone

Very healthy senior cat

Very healthy senior cat

Handsome senior cat

Handsome senior cat

Other than being a scaredy cat. Clyde has no signs of old age. he’s be like the 100-year-old that still drives their car, splits wood, and does all their lawn work for themselves. While he does go to the veterinarian for his annual check-up, he’s had no dental problems or significant health issues. The biggest problem he’s had is ear mites. He’s proof that the number isn’t the only factor in staying healthy.

Clyde’s story is a testament to why a senior cat can be such a joy. And I look forward to sharing the household with him and my other 4 cats for many more years.

Do you have a story, you’d like to share about your senior cat? We ask that you share your stories to let Paws’ readers know how special senior cats are.

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6 Responses to Senior Tuxedo Cat is a bundle of joy, even though he’s a scaredy cat

  1. Summer says:

    I live with two-and-a-half senior cats (the half is my human’s dad’s cat who lives upstairs while she searches for a home for her – I’ve met her and she’s nice). I have to say, none of them act like seniors at all! They are all very active and fun for a young kitty like me to play with.

    • BJ says:

      It’s amazing how they keep their kitten side, no matter how old they are. They are a bundle of joy. Hope you find a good home for your dad’s cat, or maybe he’s already found one?? They have a way of wrapping their paws around our hearts, and moving right on in.

  2. Ellen Pilch says:

    He is adorable and I am glad he is doing so well. I am very sorry about your Mom.

  3. Penelope says:

    Nellie, the Cat From hell is at least 17. Other than her propensity to yak – every morning – on the rug, the bed, in shoes she’s in great shape and like Clyde could drive a car and chop wood if she were a human!
    Thanks for sharing Clyde with us!

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