Wacky and special cats


BJ Bangs is an established journalist, photographer, and an aspiring author. She loves everything about cats, including writing about them.

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  1. Carole says:

    I will mention I have a ‘Group home for cats’ (neighbours will not spay neuter,kittens end up here with the cats that have been TNR’d,so I have many mouths to feed and bed,in my basement in winter and out buildings in summer,plus 9 in my house,have been doing this for over 40 years,on my own)The most entertaining at the moment is a 7week old named Mz M W(depends which way you look at the black on white between her ears,M or W)she was left at the door when 2weeks old,eyes not quite open,by a feral white cat,(I cannot trap to get spayed!)Mz,you may call me Emmy if I like you… has a play area where she found a wicker waste basket,tipped it over got in in..and found if balanced right it was a great ’tilt a whirl’walking around on the ‘spokes’ of the computer chair is tricky,especially as is actually a drafting chair down as low as will go,so has the extra ring around it to get between!I have brought up a number of kittens from birth etc,this one I find is like a fully grown cat with all the knowledge in a tiny body..(still has to have a bottle at night!) She was quite aggressive to begin with,but is now a purring ball of fur,sad to say I do not have TNR any more here,so will have to be an expensive spay soon,and she will be added to my house cats.Of course I can go on and on..but I won’t…

  2. Ellen Pilch says:

    Very cute kitties- you got some cute poses on camera.

  3. Yes, cats are amazing!

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie

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