Kitten goes for a ride

Lenny, a feral kitten, learned everything from humans
This cute kitten was a product of feral parents. He's a wonder. With TNR, perhaps another kitten would not have been euthanized, waiting for a home.

Wordless Wednesday: Kitten goes for a ride

There’s nothing cuter than a kitten, and this little one checks out a classy pink car. Do your kitties like cars, even if they are the play kind?
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Kitten goes for a ride in a classy pink convertible
Kitten goes for a ride in a classy pink convertible!
Lenny checks out this classy pink convertible.

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  1. My husband and i were just discussing our cats and cars on the occasion of the trip we made to Houston and Austin (from the Tallahassee, FL area). Our cats generally don’t like car trips, but then we only ever take them to bad places (kennels, vets). But I don’t know if we will have the courage to try a fun trip with three cats. That could be too much of an adventure for us!

    • I’ve been surprised to find how many people do vacation with their cats. I suppose if the kitties were socialized to cars as kittens, it might work ok. Otherwise, hummmmm?

  2. Awww! This is so cute! That kitten has a great ride. My cats are not fond of the real car for sure. I’m not certain about toy cars. I will have to try it with them some time! 🙂


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