NEMO’s Costume Contest for Cats & their Humans

The New England Meow Outfit’s third CFA Cat Show in Sturbridge, MA was tons of fun. Not only did Paws’ Mum get to see some stunning cats, we also witnessed the Costume Contest for the Cats and their Humans.

First Place Winner: Fred Astaire and Ginger

 photo cf1a08c5-c474-44d0-9d17-9c4c77c97e4b_zps0tq0vyqf.jpg

 photo 007d0a2f-d38b-45ca-8e10-0fc89e84af27_zpsrv49k3og.jpg

Second Place Winner: Jake from State Farm

 photo 920deae0-28a9-42c9-aacd-50d0719da89c_zpsk0nelvmj.jpg

 photo c76e5f05-0ad4-446e-8c5e-b1aa1451423f_zpsqg24jhug.jpg

Other Contestants

 photo a21693cb-b73e-4be4-9375-5fa505cbd6d9_zpsqcyxeptf.jpg

 photo 285c1f72-59fb-4f61-bd9b-a3bbf4ff9224_zpsq43ciofc.jpg

 photo 03acb307-9f81-4da8-a557-193831b3102a_zpsev8uxqny.jpg

 photo 35673a8d-8114-492d-870f-82f28a09d555_zpskyq3sxq5.jpg

 photo ee723f37-055c-4db4-882a-cb27d61b09cf_zpsme165p6q.jpg

 photo df3a9aa5-3565-4a6a-b2b3-c7798daf4c39_zpspfbjduy0.jpg

 photo d1134266-362e-4f60-a20b-5b48b88704d0_zpszp6ezwvz.jpg

 photo 9c912958-52be-42fa-8541-45410f51951f_zps7zt9nu9l.jpg

A Slide Show of all the Fun

2 responses to “NEMO’s Costume Contest for Cats & their Humans”

  1. Ellen Pilch Avatar
    Ellen Pilch

    It was a great show!

    1. BJ Avatar

      IT sure was! Were you there?

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