All Nine Lives, The Extraordinary Life of Buffy the Cat

Making the Most of All Nine Lives: The Extraordinary Life of Buffy the Cat

All Nine Lives, The Extraordinary Life of Buffy the Cat
Making the Most of All Nine Lives, The Extraordinary Life of Buffy the Cat is laugh out loud funny

‘Making the Most of All Nine Lives: The Extraordinary Life of Buffy the Cat’ portrays just how humanly adventurous this one in a million cat, Buffy, is as he poses in some extraordinary places for his human, Paul Smulson. These unbelievable pictures take on even more significance as Award Winning pet lifestyle expert, author and radio, TV and pet industry personality, Sandy Robins pens one after another yarn into a laugh out loud event and a must-have book for any true cat lover.

Could we find as much humor on the thousands of cat posts all over the Internet? This 128-page book tells funny cat stories straight from the cat’s mouth, and he excels with both his wit and his prowess. Aside from reading cat stories, playing games such as 겜블시티 가입코드 may entertain you.

Extraordinary Life of Buffy the Cat

When reading this book, Paws’ mom’s jaw went agape at Buffy posing as a pilot the cockpit of an airplane. How could he even get there, say anything about pose so calmly in his pilot attire?

On the golf course, how could Buffy hold the golf club? How could he do a karate chop? From Passover to the Ale House, Paws was amazed, wondering how he could do that. If these are real cat life situations. We wondered, how could Buffy mold into so many human situations like he was indeed a human?

Robins documents how Buffy managed to trade hairballs for golf balls, scratching posts for the ‘Evening Post’ and stopped meowing yawns in favor of mowing lawns. Buffy says, ‘I’ve always felt that I never received enough attention (one of my pet peeves), so I decided to transition from litter box to literature with this new tale of the tabby.’

In the introduction Robins says it so well when she writes, ‘Making the Most of All Nine Lives: The Extraordinary Life of Buffy the Cat’ highlights some of the special moments when Buffy’s Dad, photographer Paul Smulson, brought out his camera and captured a very unique human side of Buffy’s personality. His expressions instinctively capture the action on hand. Nobody taught him or coaxed him, and there’s no trick photography involved. (That’s almost impossible to believe.) Robbins writes, ‘Perhaps it can be put down to trust and an unbreakable, special bond between one man and his orange tabby.’

Smulson spent most of his life ambivalent about cats, but once they came into his life, he quickly learned how funny and entertaining they are. One day, he put headphones on Buffy and reached for his camera. He sat for 5 minutes. That was the beginning of taking photos in a host of human settings. When he showed the pictures, people’s reaction was, ‘My cat would never do that’.

Cat trades hairballs for golf balls

Those human settings are frisky, risky and full of curiosity. Buffy is everywhere from riding a motorcycle, sailing on a Hobie Cat, to going on a bust with the Chicago Police. He’s shopping for groceries, teaching the little kid to be a copycat, skateboarding, enjoying the beach, watching a baseball game, and pawing it up at the tailgate party. He’s just about everywhere us humans could dream of being. No wonder he has Nine Lives. It would take that long to fit all this excitement in.

Paws marvels at Dr. Paul Smulson’s ability to get Buffy to ‘stay still’. We’ve thought about photographing my felines with the grocery cart, or enjoying that gusto malted beer. I still marvel at him sitting so prim and proper in the back of a limousine.

Should it be any wonder though? Smulson, who has practiced oral surgery for 35 years, has worked as a photojournalists for the ‘Chicago Daily Defender’ during the Michael Jordan era, and had photographs published in ‘Sport Magazine’, the ‘Chicago Sun-Times’ and ‘Fox Sports’ Beyond the Glory’. Before making Buffy his subject of choice, he spend years taking pictures of zoo animals.

According to the promotional materials from publisher Triumph Books, Buffy says, ‘Making the Most of All Nine Lives’ is the best thing to happen to the word since catnip. Cat lovers will jump out of the bag and land on their feet to sink their claws into the must-own piece of kitty-lit. Sure that’s only my opinion. But I’m a cat, so it’s the only one that matters.

Buffy’s tale debuts this month, and it is indeed a purrfect new book. It’s sure to be a hit with the humans. Even his acknowledgements come from fellow felines. Matilda, the Algonquin Cat at the Algonquin Hotel in New York City, says, ‘This is a CATabulous book! A great gift for cat lovers to enjoy and for cats to nap on when they are finished.’ Buffy’s right, this is one you don’t want to miss. It puts into perspective just how humans our cats can be.

Do you think you could get your cat to pose like Buffy? Can you imagine your cat on a motorcycle or a Hobie Cat? Share your thoughts?

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  1. Three Chatty Cats Avatar
    Three Chatty Cats

    Buffy sounds like one amazing kitty! Dare I say… extraordinary? 🙂

    1. BJ Avatar

      Amazing indeed. I’m awe struck, and jealous cause I wish my felines would be so cooperative when trying to take their pictures.

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