Is this cat becoming a Space Age Cat?

Is this for real? Has my Cat Lenny beamed up to somewhere in space? While he may act a bit spacey at times, he’s never blasted off beyond the atmosphere. He can jump pretty high, but we at Paws for Reflection, don’t think he’s any match for the cow that jumped over the moon. Could this be some far away galaxy? Did he get catnapped by a Martian? Did someone from Jupiter pick up a cat-hiker?

Is this cat in space or on earth?

Space age cat enjoys big screen TV
Is this kitty heading for the moon. No, he’s in front of a big screen TV

Or could this be an extraterrestrial beam that coming down into our living room trying to get kitty to come beyond the stratosphere and become a Space Age Cat

Could it be that he got outside and get beamed up to a Star Trek like spaceship, and got dropped off on another planet? Kind a looks that way, but the reality is, he’s in the comfort of his own living room, with his 4 feline siblings and human mom. We are laggards (the last to buy a first flat screen TV), and Lenny checks it out, as his human takes his photo. The moon is really the reflection of the flash on the TV. We really think these are pawsomely cool selfies.

Everyone is getting in on the selfies craze, including astronauts and Space Cats. We thought we’d get in on it too, from on Earth or outer space.

Beam me up to the Mother Ship, Scottie

Curious, is this kitty in the livingroom or on the moon
Curious, is this kitty in the livingroom or on the moon

There just has to be space catnip, plez!

Kitty Lenny smells something new, but what can it be?
Kitty Lenny smells something new, but what can it be?

If your cats could go into outer space, where do you suppose they would want to go? Would they like to be on the moon and look down at us, or on Saturn, where they would be entertained by the rings going round and round, day and night?

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  1. First of all thank you for visiting me, Loulou, and commenting on the shadows.
    I think I would probably choose to latch onto a comet and check out space that way. Maybe we could hook up our tails, haha.

    • I was surprised because flash bounce usually goes in the trash. But I kinda like this cause it made me feel like he had a backdrop of the moon. Look forward to seeing what you come up with next week.

  2. My Katya would only go if she was sure there were no other small animals on the planet. So she’d pick the moon. There is a man there, and she likes humans.

  3. It looks like the purrfect lighting for night hunting! We think our cats would like to stay on the ground, here on earth! ;p

    the critters in the cottage xo

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