Cats don't like change inside or out.

Major House Renovations, an overhaul from top to bottom, put a kink in blogging

Major house renovations put kink in blogging time.
Major house renovations put kink in blogging time.

Major house renovations have kept Paws for Reflection more than busy this oast year, and we apologize to our readers for being a bit more absent than we had planned, as we also needed to repair some water damage, but the Water Damage Restoration Toms River helped us with this.

With a big old farmhouse in rural New England, life is a challenge, and fitting the time in to blog is near impossible with all the lawn work and gardening, say nothing of making sure the kitties are spoiled rotten. However, we discovered a helpful solution through this resource from Drake’s 7 Dees, a trusted provider of landscaping services.

Furthermore, if you’re a property owner in Florida and your building’s fire alarm system and/or water-based fire protection system such as a sprinkler system is not operational, you are required by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and Florida Statute to implement a fire watch should that system become impaired. You may seek expert help from a professional Fire Watch Company in Coral Gables.

Add to that major house renovations and unexpected dental work and it put us over the edge.

Planned time-off from work was eaten up with both of these time killers. The renovations were planned and there will be also have sun awnings, pergolas, blinds, and screens for windows like the ones at to be added.

Even though others are actually doing the renovations, you can’t just them go at will. You need to know:

  • What’s going on now?
  • What’s going on next?
  • What you want to happen next.
  • What you have to do to make the next step happen.
  • Slotting in the time to make all of the above go relatively smoothly.
  • Keeping the cats calm with all the noise & distractions

The Paws household had a new foundation put in on our ell which literally would have collapsed. We also had a new roof put on the ell, which also presented a whole layer of unexpected work. Just to let you know, an ell is a wing of a building that lies perpendicular to the length of the main house. In old farmhouses like this, the ell is often extended to attach the main house to another building, usually a barn. It takes its name from the shape of the letter L.

Steps on front lawn during major house renovations.
Steps on front lawn during major house renovations.
Cats don't like change inside or out.
Cats don’t like change inside or out.

This saga started last year when we hosted the Memorial Service for my Mom’s passing. A dear relative whom I will not name offered to help fund the foundation work. ‘It’s what Mom and Dad would have wanted’. So the search began for someone to do the work.

Cats not impressed with major house renovations

But while the Paws family was thrilled, we were also scared. The last time someone touched the foundation on this house, an old safe, which probably weighs at least 2 tons, went through the floor. We didn’t know that a cement wall had been built underneath to sure it up. All we knew was that any time you walked into the cellar, it looked like a mine had collapsed. (The debris had never been removed).

While my Mom had been able to open that safe, I never could. So step 1 was to hire a locksmith to unlock the safe. While I had most of the combination, I didn’t have the exact reiteration. After some searching and phone calls, step 1 was accomplished. Should have done that one years ago, as it would have saved me mountains of grief after my Mom died. The missing will was in that safe.

What will happen next during major house renovations?
What will happen next during major house renovations?
Putting in the footers part of the job in major house renovations.foudation4
Putting in the footers part of the job in major house renovations.

Then, there was the time to go through everything in it – nothing of value, but lots of history, sorting through each sheet of paper, piece by piece.

Foundation work began in mid-May, and took about 5 weeks. Two weeks were without front steps. It was interesting to see the whole story unfold, but very stressful. If you’re looking to minimize stress during renovations, consider hiring External Building Coating Specialists who can efficiently handle the exterior aspects of the project.

First, what do you want done with these huge granite slabs that had been the foundation? Where do you put them? I’d always wanted a rock garden, and figured out where they might go?

Do you want the dirt from the fill hauled away? It’ll cost more $$. My brain spiraled into action finding a place for that.

Water away from the house – where can the ditching go? The deck needs support which had rotted from the winter – can they do that?

What’s the process? There were 6 footers put in – then the cement.

Needless to say, the cats were not impressed at first. If the crew wasn’t directly underneath the living room, they adjusted, except the final jack, which put the house back together. When we heard the house groan, both me and the cats felt like running for dear life. (We;ll talk about how the cats fared with all these changes in a later post).


At the end of June, the project drew to a close, but now it was time to replace the ell roof, which hadn’t been replaced for over 40 years. Shingles were strewn over the lawn, and it was obvious this job was 10 plus years overdue. Maybe it was time to find a reliable roofing contractor like the roofing contractor West Jordan to tackle this long-overdue task. Perhaps even consider reaching out to a seamless gutter company such as the CO seamless gutter company to ensure the job is done efficiently and effectively.

What will happen next during major house renovations?
Major house renovations even involved the front lawn.

I contacted a contractor whom I’ve had do many jobs, and he agreed to take it on. But once we ordered the materials, there was a strange silence. We found out a hernia operation delayed the project by 6 weeks.

They didn’t plan to take off the old shingles, but thought it best to do so. I had planned to find someone who would pick them up and haul them away. Turns out that person was me, and I spent 6 days of time-off, picking up shingles and disposing of them at the dump. I also explored the option like dumpster rental in Greenbay as an alternative, but in the end, I handled the task myself. I kept thinking, ‘who needs a gym?’ Great flexibility training.

The new metal roof meant that the car could no longer be parked in the old spot as the snow would come careening off the roof, and well, it would be impossible to maneuver to get back and forth to work during heavy snowstorms. That meant moving all the wood from the woodshed to a new home so it could be converted to a new car port. A good locksmith, for example – Locksmith Colorado is necessary when it comes to safety of any space.

Moving that woodpile was an expected task, but it also took a good 10 hours to do. More time spent on non-writing tasks.

Drainage put in during major house renovations.
Drainage put in during major house renovations.
The backyard nor deck were exempt during major house renovations.
The backyard nor deck were exempt during major house renovations.

The job is not done. There’s a couple of locks to be replaced which I DIYed, 3 windows, and a few other things which you can find out more here.

It’s hard to get contractors to work on old houses, and I know the Leroy will most likely retire next year. His assistant, Paul, has hinted at the same. So I’m trying to maximize what I can because finding a new contractor may be well to impossible. You can also learn more about DIY or simple projects here at that can make your home a bigger impact especially if you have visitors often.

Paws usually has some free-lance writing gigs, but this year, they all evaporated. We actually were quite happy about that because there was no way it could have worked.

With a full-time job, a 2-hour commute, lawn work, and yes, the dental issues which took another 4 days of time and discomfort, plus the cats, there just hasn’t been enough time. But with fall and the renovations coming to a close, we hope that changes. Rather than falling back, Paws for Reflection hopes to blog and write ahead. And of course, there’s the social media… And how do we find the time for that piece?

And the winter was spent getting the house back in order. Everything took twice as long as expected. And when Paws found time to devote to our blog, we went back to the basics (more on this coming in a future post) with Google Analytics, Security issues, finding a good backup program, and learning how to use Yoast to ensure better Search Engine Optimization. .

Have you ever had life’s events overcome you, and prevent you from spending time doing what you’d really like to be doing? The house seems a constant. There’s always something? And then, there’s all the time on the job that pays the bills, when we’d much rather be doing something we really like doing? I say, thank goodness for blogging and writing about cats – because it’s the 1 thing that keeps me sane. Ever feel like this? Please share your thoughts.

17 responses to “Major House Renovations, an overhaul from top to bottom, put a kink in blogging”

  1. Pipo/Minko/MrJackFreckles Avatar

    Wow! And we thought that our den needed lots of work…our petcretary likes to say that the best hope fur our den is a bulldozer…Yikes!!

    We are always into some kind of project…our den was built in 1907…a Michigan Basemented frame home…sigh…its so ramshackle…and once when we had to have new windows put in, each one was special order because they were all diffurent sizes and none were standard…sigh…stress?? Yup, we know it!

    Hope soon your den will be a lovely and secure homestead.

    1. BJ Bangs Avatar
      BJ Bangs

      With an old house renovations are endless. When we had a big window put in a few years ago, it started raining for days on end. After 2 weeks of living with a big hole covered with plastic, it finally was put in. Kitties preferred the window to that big piece of plastic.

  2. Jean Dion Avatar
    Jean Dion

    Oh, that is an amazing amount of work. I would be an absolute basket case, were that much to happen around here. But I’m a worrier by nature. I use morning runs to help calm my mind, and in the evening, I work on embroidery. Both involve intense focus, which can help prevent me from worrying.

    I hope the rest of your summer is less stressful!

    Jean from Welcome to the Menagerie

  3. Marie Avatar

    Cats never like change. Very worrying for us too as we are planning a move to a new house.

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie

    1. BJ Avatar

      Congrats on the new house, but kitties will take a while to get used to it

  4. Little Binky and Granny Avatar
    Little Binky and Granny

    OMC that is more worse than the work in our garden. Moving is as bad a changing I suppose, as we are habbitual animals, but, speaking of experience, in the end it will work out fine, kitties. Good Luck Pawkisses with your project 🙂 <3

    1. BJ Avatar

      It seems like work around the house never ends, but as long as there isn’t any strange sounds, they do ok.

  5. Summer Avatar

    WOW, those are REALLY major renovations! It was a big deal enough when my human needed a retaining wall replaced – that happened around the time I came to live here.

    1. BJ Avatar

      Got to admit, it was a little over the top. I’m still reeling from it all, but trying to get centered again.

  6. Kitties Blue Avatar
    Kitties Blue

    In 2011 Mom broke her leg very badly (while she was recovering from hand surgery) and was laid up for 22 weeks. It was before she started blogging so it was a very hard time not being able to garden or do any of the things she enjoyed. We live in a 104-year-old house, and our humans know what you are going through. Anyhoo, Mom totally understands how life can get in the way. Good luck with getting things back in order sooner than later. Thanks for hopping. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

    1. BJ Avatar

      Broken leg doesn’t sound fun, and could put a crimp into doing lots of things. WE just had major stress. Taking forever to get back together though.

  7. Jeanne Foguth Avatar
    Jeanne Foguth

    That looks like a HUGE project – good luck!

    1. BJ Avatar

      Indeed it is. But it’ll all be good when it’s over

  8. Louise Pare-Lobinske Avatar
    Louise Pare-Lobinske

    Oh, yes. I have a stubborn case of mono, which refuses to go away despite the fact that I’m resting, on top of my fibromyalgia, both of which get worse with stress. So I’m trying to keep myself as stress-free as possible. The blog posts that I would write ranting about church abuses or church/state separation have had to wait until I recover – I just can’t get myself upset like that. And there is no cure for mono except rest. I was diagnosed at the end of March and it’s already June; I guess I can’t blame my doctor for thinking I’m not resting. I probably should post an explanation on my own blog. So yes, I can understand how real life can affect blogging in a negative way. Here’s hoping that both of our interruptions come to an end soon.

    1. BJ Avatar

      Real life can certainly get in the way of doing what we’d really like to do. Kitties do help reduce stress, and I hope they help you keep calm.

  9. Ellen Pilch Avatar
    Ellen Pilch

    You sure did have a lot going on. Cats never like change, I am sure they were more upset than you. Metal roofs are great for New England winters, I wish we had one.

    1. BJ Avatar

      You’re right. Cats don’t like it when you move a box off the floor, say anything about interrupt their favorite outside hangout. As for the metal roof, it’s worth every penny.

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