Pet remedy calmed my cats when going to the vet


Pet remedy calmed my cats when going to the vet. Paws for Reflection wanted to try this natural way of tackling stress and anxiety on a recent trip to the veterinarian’s office. Paws was taking 3 of their 5 member feline family to the vet’s office, and didn’t want a repeat of the horror show last year.

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We wanted to share this info on the Sunday Selfies’ Blog Hop sponsored by The Cat on My Head, as we all have a lot of stressed out cats that may benefit from pet remedy.

Mom’s cat, who is now my cat, Clyde, is a true scaredy cat. This handsome Tuxedo boy is just a joy, but he’s become scared of everything, even his own shadow. The annual visit to the veterinarian last year was disconcerting because when I removed the blanket covering his carrier, he let out a series blood curdling screams as I took him from the car to the vet’s office. This was scary for him and for me. As I had received a free sample of pet remedy to review, I said this is the perfect opportunity to see if it works.

Two other felines were going on the 30 minutes car ride as well. I usually listen to a chorus of screaming Meows, which leaves them all getting sick or leaving a pile of poop in their carriers. Could this be averted, we wondered?

Pet remedy calmed my cats when going to the vet
Spaying pet remedy on towels helped keep cats calm.
Pet remedy calmed my cats when going to the vet
Pet remedy calmed my cats when going to the vet

I sprayed some pet remedy on a dirty T-shirt I’d been wearing last week. I also abundantly applied it to a towel inserted into each of their carriers.

Having a stress-free trip was important for the others as well. My Little Yellow tends to hyperventilate while traveling in a car. It seems to scare him within an inch of his life. With his asthma and other health problems, it scares his human as well. He had a towel with pet remedy in his carrier. Pink Collar got one too.

For a bit of extra protection, I sprayed some pet remedy on a paper towel, and rubbed it one Clyde’s face once in the carrier.

Pet remedy calmed my cats when going to the vet
Scaredy cat Clyde keeps calm going to vet thanks to pet remedy.
Pet remedy calmed my cats when going to the vet
Scaredy cat Clyde is terrified of visiting the vet’s office.


Into the car they went. I’ve never had such a peaceful ride to the vet’s office. There were a few soft Meows, but no Screaming howls.

Once at the vet’s office, there were some vocalizations of not being happy to be there, but there was no terror. They just weren’t happy to be there.

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    All went well with the exam at the vet’s office, and on the trip home.

    Paws has tried a well-known calming diffuser, but wasn’t very impressed; however, we haven’t tried any spray formulas that would have direct contact with the cats. The cats still vie for their position to be Top Cat, and they still relentlessly pick on my scaredy cat Clyde.

    This experience won me over to pet remedy, so much so that when Pink Collar went back to have 3 teeth removed, it was part of the carrier preparation. The experience was the same as there were no blood curdling Meows, only little meows of dissatisfaction.

    How pet remedyy calmed my cats when going to the vet

    Pet remedy is a unique blend of oils that helps calms the nerves of anxious and stressed pets. It works by enhancing production of GABA (Gamma-aminobutryic acid), a natural chemical produced by the brain, transmitted from nerve to nerve as a calming message when the body is stressed. Pet remedy is a constant slow release of Valerian based blend that is very gentle on the metabolism of any mammal or birds.

    It is suitable to be sprayed directly onto  pet or human skin, clothing, bedding, carpets and small furniture. It is also suitable for use in the car, stable, horsebox, and general environment.

    For further information about the science behind the studies of pet remedy, visit For more information about pet remedy, visit

    Paws for Reflection was given a sample of pet remedy to try. for this product review We were not compensated financially for this post

    How do you keep your cats calm when going to the vet? Have you tried pet calming remedies? Would you be willing to try pet remedy? I was particularly pleased.

    We are sharing this post as part of The CatonMyHead’s Sunday Blog Hop.


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      • I’ve tried the Feliway diffuser before and haven’t been too happy. Haven’t tried the spray, though. I think spraying on an item of my clothing helped, as well.

    1. It sounds like this is very helpful! Annie could benefit from this as well as many kitties I’m sure. Thanks for sharing. Clyde sure is a cutie. I like that last photo of him looking happy and relaxed.


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