Zen Clipper clips tip of cat's claws, not the quick
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Zen Clipper clips tip of cat’s claws, not the quick


Zen Clipper clips tips of cat's claw, not the quick
Clipping cat’s claws is not always easy.

Zen Clipper clips tip of cat’s claws, not the quick. If you get into the quick, it will hurt your cat, making this important job even more stressful. If you get the right size clipper, you won’t need to be concerned with going into the quick, as the sizing prevents you from going too far up on the cats nail.

Paws for Reflection was excited when we were contacted by Zen Clipper to try out their clippers; however, we did not get the sizing right. We tried a 3 and 4 size. We should have tried a 1 or 2 for our cat Lenny. Perhaps, the 3 to 4 would have been appropriate for a large Maine Coon or Norwegian Forest Cat. For our little Tabby, who weighs about 9 pounds, it was too large. Lesson learned.

Zen Clipper clips tip of cat's claws, not the quick
Lenny checks out the 2 Zen Clippers
Zen Clipper clips tip of cat's claws, not the quick
This cat’s curiosity gets the best of him as he checks out the Zen Clippers.
Zen Clipper clips tip of cat's claws, not the quick
While easy to use, our old cat nail clippers could easily slip up onto the quick.
Zen Clipper clips tip of cat's claws, not the quick
Zen Clipper was originally designed for cats.

We particularly liked the spring action in the clipper handles. Anyone who has trimmed their cat’s nails knows, felines don’t like to be confined, and they are somewhat scared clipping their claws will hurt. If you get into the quick, it will definitely hurt. The spring action in the handles made it easy to quickly accomplish the mission at hand, and trim the cat’s nails. With the correct size, it would have even been easier, as we could have just put the clippers over the nails, and not worried about them going into the quick. The blade made it a very easy clean-cut.

Zen Clipper clips tip of cat’s claws, not the quick

Zen Clipper’s website explains while most pets nails are similar in size and shape, they are not necessarily the same size. They also say, if your blade does appear to approach the quick, contact them, and they will replace your Zen Clipper at no cost with a smaller size. There are six sizes.


Zen Clipper clips tips of cat's claw, not the quick
Zen Clipper sizing chart determines which size is best for your cat.
Zen Clipper clips tips of cat's claw, not the quick
Only clip the tip of your cat’s claws.

Originally invented for cats, Zen Clipper can also be used on birds, reptiles and dogs. The unique conical design protects the quick, and the stainless steel blade design does not crush the nail like other standard clippers. Paws would attest to the blade being sharp-clipper and clean. We also would testify to their claim that the cushioned non-slip handle and stainless steel design make a comfortable clipper that is durable, attractive and easy to use.

The Zen Clippers’ sizes are interestingly color coded by size. It’s very painful for your pet if you clip into their quick. The quick of the nail is the red part that has the blood supply. Cutting into the quick can result in bleeding, an injured, unhappy cat, and perhaps a battered owner.

Cat’s claws unique in the animal kingdom

Their website also explains, cat’s claws are unique in the animal kingdom. ‘Unlike most animals, as a cat claw grows, it sheds the sheath, like peeling an onion to reveal a new sharp claw every few weeks. While their claws do not get much larger with age, they become sharp as the old layer is peeled away exposing a new fresh, sharp claw. That’s why it’s important to clip your cat’s claws on a regular basis, every 2 to 3 weeks. Paws does this monthly, as it is easier to keep on track on when it’s time to trim Lenny’s claws.

They claim, other designs put uneven pressure on the claw by twisting as it cuts or creating uncomfortable vibrations as it grinds the tip. Standard nail clippers, the small hook style, acts like scissors which can allow the nail to be cut too close if kitty squirms as they always do. This makes it easy for the owner to miss their mark. With their design, the same amount of claw is removed, making sure a safe healthy length is maintained.

Paws was very impressed with the Zen Clipper. We just need to contact them to make sure we are using the right size because that is a very important piece of the puzzle of trimming a cat’s claws. As for everything else, we can assure you, it’s for real. The Zen Clipper is the real deal. Zen Clipper clips the tip of your cat’s claws, not the quick.

(Editor’s note: Paws for Reflection was given a sample of 2 sizes of the Zen Clipper to write this product review. We were not compensated in any other way, including any financial remuneration  for this review.)

Trimming kitties claws does have its challenges. What have you found to be the best product or best way to trim your cat’s claws. Please share your thoughts and stories.

4 responses to “Zen Clipper clips tip of cat’s claws, not the quick”

  1. Connie Avatar

    Well now isn’t that clever 🙂

    1. BJ Avatar

      It’s a great idea that will help kitties and their humans too.

  2. Kitties Blue Avatar
    Kitties Blue

    These look and sound terrific. My vet has shown me how to clip the kitties claws on several occasions, but then I always chicken out and take the kitties to the vet to have it done. I am definitely going to check this out. Thanks for the review.

    1. BJ Bangs Avatar
      BJ Bangs

      They are pretty awesome. Kitty will be happy not to go to vet, too!

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