Cats check out swag from pet charity raffle

Siamese Linus checks out the box of cast iron swag before his human has a chance to unpack it all.

Giving back can bring great rewards, and this is an example of just that. These cats check out the swag from a pet charity raffle. Their human bought a raffle ticket supporting the Franklin County Animal Shelter at their hugely successful mega-yard sale. We were pleased and quite shocked at how much we won. When Paws bought the ticket, the volunteer said they hadn’t sold many. I can believe that as my kitty Lenny found Prize #2 listed on one of the boxes.

We’re happy to share this event with lots of pictures on this Sunday Selfie Blog Hop hosted by The Cat on My Head.

When we found out we’d won, we expected to go to the Animal Shelter to pick up a lovely cast iron Dutch Oven.

Cats check out swag from pet charity raffle

Tabby Cat Lenny wants to leave his mark on all this cool swag his human won while supporting the local animal shelter.

Cats check out swag from pet charity raffle

What’s in this box? Tabby Cat Lenny wonders.

Cats check out swag from pet charity raffle

Tabby Cat Lenny checks out the spices also included with the cast iron goodies.

Cats check out swag from pet charity raffle

Tabby Cat Lenny and Siamese Linus are a bit intrigued by this cast iron cup cake pan.

Cats check out swag from pet charity raffle

What’s all this? Tabby Cat Lenny asks as he checks out the swag from the raffle.

Cats check out swag from pet charity raffle

What a gorgeous cast iron Dutch Oven, and Tabby Cat Lenny wonders what his human might cook for dinner?

Cats check out swag from pet charity raffle

Tabby Cat Lenny is curious about all this cast iron as Pink Collar just enjoys being surrounded by all the goodies.

As the Paws family loves cast iron, we were thrilled to think we had won such a lovely prize. When the shelter volunteers came up with a huge box plum full of goodies. We had no idea of what we had won, but we knew there was more than just the Dutch Oven. We almost felt a little guilty taking it all.. We were flabbergasted when we found there was more, lots more.

  • A cast iron griddle
  • A cast iron cupcake pan
  • And a cast iron bucket full of napkins and a picnic table cover
  • An oven mitt & mixing spoon

We couldn’t even imagine what the price tag would have been for all this. The Dutch Oven would easily have sold for around $70.00. And we gave $5.00 for a raffle ticket.

Cats check out swag from pet charity raffle

Cats check out swag from pet charity raffle

Siamese Cat Linus and Tabby Cat Lenny get up close and personal with all the cast iron.

The cats were all quite surprised too, and they take a few Selfies for today’s Sunday Selfie with all the swag.

At the Paws household, we try to support fund-raising events for animals, but this annual Mega-yard sale is one of our favorite. We find great deals and help the homeless cats.

We thank the Franklin County Animal Shelter for making all this possible, and putting on such an awesome Mega-Yard Sale. We also thank them for all the work they do helping the cats and dogs of Franklin County.

What’s the most awesome thing you have ever won from supporting your local pet rescue or local charity? Please weigh in on this Sunday Selfie and share your thoughts.


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14 Responses to Cats check out swag from pet charity raffle

  1. We think your Sunday Selfie is quite something!

  2. Congratulations! That is some fantastic swag.

  3. Sunday selfies with SWAG, what a fab combination….. Just shows that helping does pay, and even if you don’t win for yourself, the shelter and the animals DO. Have a wonderful week. purrs ERin

  4. Ellen Pilch says:

    Congrats on winning some great stuff and helping a rescue.

  5. Wow, looks like lots of great stuff in there! The Dutch Oven looks especially nice.

  6. Gorgeous kitties! I saw Linus first and thought he was gorgeous … but you have quite the clowder there!

  7. What a wonderful prize for supporting the shelter! Our mom won a handmade pendant of Dragonheart for supporting one of the Sphynx rescues once – that’s the nicest thing she’s won for supporting an animal charity.

  8. Kitties Blue says:

    That was a great haul for just $5. The best thing Mom ever won was at a silent auction for our Barn Cat Buddies TNR/Rescue group…a kitty painting! It is hanging in our parlor. Thanks for taking part in our blog hop. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

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