Cats contemplate, what can I do next?


Cats contemplate, what can I do next?

Cats contemplate, what can I do next?
Senior Cat Pink collar contemplates do I want to play or nap?
Cats contemplate, what can I do next?
Tabby Cat Lenny contemplates about who he can get to play with him?
Cats contemplate, what can I do next?
Tabby cat Lenny thinks about napping, rather than playing.


Cats contemplate, what can I do next?ll, but who do you suppose is going to win?
Despite Little Yellow’s asthma, he loves to play with his sibling, Tabby Cat Lenny.

These cats contemplate, What can I do next? as they wake up from napping, something they really enjoy doing. Even at 16, my Pink Collar can race around and play with four-year-old Lenny, if she wants to. That’s the thing about cats, they tend to do what they want to do. That’s not to say, cats can’t be trained because they can. But just like kids, they test the hand that feeds them by trying to get away with what they want to do.

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It doesn’t matter what time of day. When my cats feel like taking off, racing through the house, and wrestling up a storm, they do. That’s what is so great about cats, they live in the moment. My Pink Collar will still wrestle with Lenny, Linus and Little Yellow, which is pretty amazing as she has slowed down quite a bit. Lenny, on the other hand, acts like a kitten, and he can sail through the air for 3 or 4 feet, walk on his hind legs like a mere cat, and be unstoppable when it comes to racing. That’s just one of the reasons my cats are so amusing, funny, and lovable. I wouldn’t change them for anything.

Even though my Siamese Linus, sometimes will run away from Lenny, they still play together, when Linus feels like he wants to subject himself to Lenny’s antics. Despite Little Yellow’s asthma, he will wrestle full tilt with Lenny. It’s funny to watch, as Lenny will slowly approach the other cats, lay down, reach out to their ear, paw, or foot, and try to engage them in play. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t. That’s all testimony to these cats contemplating, what can I do next?

Can you envision your cats contemplating, what can I do next? Do they entice one another to play? Share your stories in this fun discussion.

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  1. I do feel like Rosie occasionally contemplates ways to get me up in the morning. She will try one thing and then another and then another until I finally give up on sleep and get up and feed her.

  2. I think they are always planning what they will do, for fun or amewsments…or to be pesty to their furblings:)
    That why they are so much fun to watch…who needs TV??MOL!

  3. There is a time to play and a time to think… the secret is to never do too much of the second or to little of the first. Now if you can squeeze them all in together with some napping, that works fine. purrs ERin


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