Drymate’s new Litter Trapping Mat is the best

Drymate’s new Litter Trapping Mat is the best


Drymate’s new Litter Trapping Mat is the best litter box tool we’ve found. After trying out two samples for this compensated post, Paws will be buying two more extra-large mats for our upstairs litter boxes.

Drymate’s new Litter Trapping Mat is the bestThis post is sponsored by Drymate. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about Drymate’s New Litter Trapping Mat but bjbangs.net (Paws for Reflection) only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. Drymate is not responsible for the content of this article.

Drymate’s new Litter Trapping Mat is the best

We would compare its effectiveness to a car mat for the following reasons:

  • Keeps the litter from scattering all over the house.
  • Waterproof so if kitty goes over the side of the box (that’s what happens upstairs), it will protect your floors.
  • Easy to shake the cat litter out of the mat.
  • Machine washable, so we can wash it and reduce odors from a soiled mat. Click for more here about washing machine functions.
  • IA soft, felt-like surface with a non-slip, waterproof backing.
  • And best of all its Paw-friendly. When put to the test, my Little Yellow, Linus, and Lenny were so impressed, they decided to turn it into a temporary cat bed.

Cats loved the soft felt-like surface

Paws for Reflection has tried other cat mats, but they were rubberized, and the cats didn’t really like them. Additionally, they didn’t stay in place. Drymate’s Litter Mat stays in place. When the cats walk across it, they don’t take the mat with them. Moreover, they don’t get stressed out by the mat moving around.

Drymate’s new Litter Trapping Mat is the best
Drymate’s new Litter Trapping Mat is specially designed to work.

The material makes the Litter Trapping Mat so effective because it is:

  • Ridged material gently splays cats’ paws to release litter as they step out of the litter box. The litter falls into the channels of the mat, reducing tracking throughout the home.
  • Soft and paw-friendly.
  • Environmentally friendly – The polyester fibers of the mat are made from 100% recycled plastic bottles.
  • Not a looped material (although it may appear looped) so their claws will not get stuck in the mat.
Drymate’s new Litter Trapping Mat is the best
Cats check out Drymate Litter Trapping Mat package.
Drymate’s new Litter Trapping Mat is the best
These cats really like Drymate’s new Litter Trapping Mat.
Drymate’s new Litter Trapping Mat is the best
Siamese Linus is thrilled by Drymate’s new Litter Trapping Mat.

Can you imagine having a car without car mats? Now that Paws has tried Drymate’s New Litter Trapping Mat, we can’t imagine a litter box without them. Additionally, the litter mat comes in two different sizes. No matter how big or small your litter box is, you can find a size that’s right for you and your cat(s). It’s not a one size fits all product.

  •  20” x 28”, $12.99
  •  28” x 36”, $19.99
Drymate’s new Litter Trapping Mat is the best
Drymate’s new Litter Trapping Mat is non-slip.

Drymate’s New Litter Trapping Mat is made by RPM, Inc., a Minnesota-based manufacturer, that has been in business for over 30 years. They started out in the promotional products industry working with companies to provide unique giveaways for their customers.

Environmentally friendly

During their early years, they came across a unique item – a blanket with a waterproof backing. There was nothing like it on the market at the time and we saw the potential for building a product line based on the material. They bought the company that manufactured the material and, through continuous innovation, have created a multi-category line of waterproof mats that they sell under our signature brand Drymate®.

That blanket type material makes an ideal litter trapping mat, and that’s probably why my cats liked it so much, they wanted to use it for a cat bed.

A  soft, felt-like surface and non-slip, waterproof material

According to Drymate’s promotional material, all of their waterproof mats are made with Drymate material which has a soft, felt-like surface and a non-slip, waterproof backing. Their mats are thin – only 1/8 inch thick – but don’t let the thickness fool you. ‘Due to the patented Zorb-Tech technology used in the production process, these mats hold a tremendous amount of liquid. The anti-flow property of the material traps and contains spills, Drymate’s new Litter Trapping Mat is the bestpreventing them from flowing onto adjacent surfaces while the thin construction of the mat allows moisture to evaporate quickly. The underside of the Drymate mat is coated with a special bonded backing that prevents moisture from seeping through, protecting surfaces below.’

Drymate’s new Litter Trapping Mat is the best
These litter mats are so good, Lenny wants to use them as a cat bed.
Drymate’s new Litter Trapping Mat is the best
Little Yellow turns the litter trapping mat into a cat bed.

All cat households should check this out because it’s one of the best products that Paws for Reflection has come across. Litter box issues are the biggest problems facing cat owners, and Drymate’s Litter Trapping Mat should be one of the investments to solve those problems. You no longer will have cat litter trapped on your kitty’s paws tracked all through your house.

For more information about the litter mats, visit  Drymate’s website.d tIf you would like to purchase a litter mat, they are availalble at Target/

What are your best litter box tools? Have you tried litter trapping mats? Would you be interested in trying Drymate’s Litter Trapping Mat? Please weigh in and share your comments and stories.

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