why cats aren’t part of my family
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10 reasons why cats aren’t part of my family


why cats aren’t part of my family
Siamese Linus found a way to wind his paws around his human’s heart, making him a prominent member of the Paws’ feline family.
why cats aren’t part of my family
Lenny’s parents were feral, but this sweet tabby cat has become a very spoiled member of the Paws’ feline family.

Paws shares 10 reasons why cats aren’t part of my family, but then again maybe they are, as we dispel all 10 myths with a very quick reality check.

  1. They don’t walk on 2 legs, but my Tabby Cat Lenny does. He walks around on 2 legs just like a Meerkat. He could beat most humans to the finish line if they were willing to challenge him.
  2. They aren’t the result of natural birth. Their human could not physically give birth to them. But lots of people have adopted family members. When adopting, we put a lot of thought went into what type of cat would fit in with our lifestyle and get along with the rest of the feline family.
  3. The cats don’t speak a human language. They don’t speak English, Spanish, Japanese or Russian. Instead they speak in their own cat talk dialect, letting their human know exactly what they want. And if we don’t give in, they let us know through head butts, MEOWS, purrs, and other forms of cat speak. Every morning Siamese Linus lets me know it’s time for me to wake up and cuddle with him, and HIM ONLY!
  4. Their human cannot claim them on her Tax return. That’s true even though my 5 felines are my largest expense, excluding my mortgage. Despite spoiling them endlessly – providing the best veterinary care, the best food, lots of treats and toys, and caving into all their wants and wishes – I can’t deduct a dime
  5. They don’t qualify as dependents under my medical or dental health plans. But I can take out pet insurance. I admit I haven’t done this just yet. I’m not so sure it is worth the investment because my Little Yellow, who is the feline with challenging heath issues, may not qualify because of a  preexisting condition. I am looking into whether it is a move I want to make in the future.
  6. They don’t do chores to earn a weekly allowance. But they do keep the house mice-free. Occasionally they even find a bug to play with rising to the task of pest control. This helps keep pests under control, eliminating the need to hire experts like Safe Pest Control, which ultimately saves you money. As for the weekly  allowance, they don’t need one.  As stated above, they are my largest expense except my mortgage. When we break that down by the week, it could well be more than what many human kids get.
  7. They can’t go on vacation with you, but that’s not true because they can. There are lots of places where you can vacation with cats. They can go camping with you. If you don’t believe it, check out my article, ‘Travelling with Pets’, published in the Maine Sunday Telegram’s Exploring Maine. You can fly with your cat. For more info, check out my blog post, Flying and Relocating with your cat takes diligence. If you can’t take them with you, there’s lots of places you can Get your Cat Fix while on vacation. Check out my Cat Writer’s Association’s Certificate of Excellence Award Winner article published in the January 2015 issue of Cat Fancy.
  8. They don’t bring your breakfast in bed when you’re ill and under the weather, but they do snuggle up to you purring in your easy easing your misery a lot more than scrambled eggs.
  9. They don’t buy you birthday, Hanukkah, or Christmas gifts. But isn’t the best gift of all giving back. What better gift than providing a loving home to my 5 felines.
  10. Cats can’t love you as a person would. They love you more. We all know cats and all pets give us unconditional love whether we are rich, poor, homeless or haven’t taken a shower for a week or more.

Paws for Reflection took this parody for a blog post from BlogPaws, who has absolutely amazing resources for bloggers. The idea sounded like an interesting twist, and Paws for Reflection decided to paw into it.

Do you have any reasons why cats aren’t part of your family? Or perhaps, you have some great reasons why they definitely are a part of your family.  If so, please share.

4 responses to “10 reasons why cats aren’t part of my family”

  1. Summer Avatar

    Love this! Especially #10.

    1. BJ Avatar

      Thanks. The reasons our kitties are our family members are endless! They’re just the best!

  2. mommakatandherbearcat Avatar

    “it’s just a cat!”
    my response: who’s better than 99.99% of the people I know.

    1. BJ Bangs Avatar
      BJ Bangs

      Great comeback. It’s certainly NOT JUST a cat! They are the absolute best!!!

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