I have a dream for cats
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MLK Day and Black History Month – I have a dream for cats


I have a dream for cats

I have a dream for cats going beyond MLK Day and Black History Month

  • I have a dream for cats – that all cats are free of discrimination, and have a right to economic equality, no matter what their background, whether wild or domestic; their color (black, white or calico), or national origin.
I have a dream for cats
Martin Luther King, Jr. was famous for his I have a dream speech

We have a dream that all cats have freedom and have:

  • Equality no matter where they came from
  • Discrimination whether feral, domestic, or pure bread
  • Freedom of Choice reducing the horrendous cat overpopulation problem
  • Responsible owners who treat their cats like kids, not like garbage to be thrown away on a whim
  • Freedom to have a furever home
  • A life that does not lead to euthanasia from too many shelter cats

I have a dream that 1 day we will no longer have a crisis of pet overpopulation

I have a dream that 1 day we will no longer have a national crisis of pet overpopulation caused by irresponsible pet owners, not having their cats spay/neutered, or dumping their cats as they are no longer convenient..

  • Affordability is not an excuse because low-cost spay/neuter clinics are commonplace throughout most of the country. Check with your local animal shelter to find one near you.

I have a dream that one day shelters will not be overrun with cats forcing them to euthanize them because there’s not enough room for one more.

I have a dream that one day pet ownership will not be limited by government telling us we can only have 2, 3 or 5 cats because hoarders give us responsible cat owners a bad rap.

I have a dream for cats
I have a dream black cats will find equality and be treated fairly.

I have a dream that people accused of animal abuse will be held accountable as criminals for their heinous crimes they commit. Someone who could glue a poor cat to a superhighway (Timmy’s story) in bitter cold should pay the price for this disgusting act. This was not fun or funny. It was horrendous. We all know animal abuse leads to domestic abuse and more.

  • That one day we will make plans for our pets, as we would our kids, if we end up in a nursing home, or worse, an unexpected early death.
  • That one day we will make sure we have enough funds to be sure our pets, including our cats, all have access to at least year veterinarian check-ups.

MLK Day and Black History Month – I have a dream for cats

I have a dream to end discrimination against all cats whether on an exotic island, in the wild or in our backyards.

  • That one day our fascination with cats on the Internet translates to real life, and we rid the world of cat haters.
  • Cats are funny and entertaining, and they can produce that same fun in our living room as they do on our computer screens.

I have a dream discrimination against black cats will end

I have a dream discrimination against black cats will end, and people will learn how very special these cats can be. They are not bad luck, nor are they demons controlled by witches or the occult. They are every bit as special as that beautiful calico, multi-colored tabby or steel blue-eyed Siamese.

I have a dream that 1 day we can cut through the political red tape and politics of cats and that all cats will be given an equal opportunity to live in a good home no matter what their color, disability, illness, economic status of location.

  • For one of the richest, if not the richest, country in the world to have a national cat overpopulation crisis is unconscionable. I have a dream we can put a stop to this, and stand up today, for the rights and future of our feline population.

Just as Martin Luther King, Jr. had a dream for Black people, I have a dream to work for the betterment of the lives of cats.

I have a dream that all cat people will rally together to make this become possible!

What is your dream for cats? It was over 60 years ago when Martin Luther King gave his I have a Dream speech. That speech still rings true today. Cat rescue and politics are real today, and it’s up to us to carry the torch forward to protect them as we would our children. Please weigh in and share your thoughts on this serious discussion.


2 responses to “MLK Day and Black History Month – I have a dream for cats”

  1. mommakatandherbearcat Avatar

    I’ve addressed so many of these points since I started blogging … and I agree with every single one. The two biggest I’ve addressed directly … are planning for our pets’ future (http://mommakatandherbearcat.blogspot.com/2016/02/what-would-your-cats-life-be-like.html) and the connection between animal abuse and interpersonal violence (https://www.facebook.com/notes/momma-kat-and-her-bear-cat/the-only-thing-necessary-for-the-triumph-of-evil-is-for-good-men-to-do-nothing-a/1090014537716449). I know most people would cringe at the comparison of kids and cats – but I like to make that comparison. Most people would hate parents who just abandoned their kids to fend for themselves … but cats are abandoned countless times a day for no better reason than inconvenience. If you don’t want the responsibility … do not take it on in the first place!!! I really hope one day, declawing is banned in the US as well (http://mommakatandherbearcat.blogspot.com/2016/10/my-paws-have-claws.html).

    1. BJ Bangs Avatar
      BJ Bangs

      All we can do is keep on letting people know why this is so important. Keep up the great work.

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