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Valentine’s Day: Cupid’s finds my true love – a cat


Valentine’s Day: Cupid’s finds my true love – a cat

Valentine's Day: Cupid's finds my true love - a cat
Valentine’s Day: Cupid’s finds my true love – a cat

It was some time ago when Valentine’s Day: Cupid’s finds my true love – a cat. Cats have continued to be the loves of my life and my soul mates since then.

It was over 30 years ago when Victory, a strikingly beautiful Maine Coon look-alike Tabby cat came into my life. I met her outside a bar, and while I didn’t find the human love of my life that night, I met her, After spending a few days looking for an owner of this wonderful cat, I decided to make a commitment, and make her mine. She became my special soul mate, spoiled to the max.

Valentine's Day: Cupid's finds my true love - a cat
Valentine’s Day: Cupid’s finds my true love – a cat

Victory was no snuggle bug

My Victory was not a snuggle bug. She would sit beside me for hours in front of the TV set. But leave her outside the bedroom, and she would scratch at the door for hours. I finally gave up and she would pounce onto the water-bed, waking me with the water being sloshed around for more than a few moments.

Victory was a stunning beautiful cat. She had double paws, and had all the markings of a Maine Coon. As she didn’t have the tuffs in her ears, she wasn’t a pure bred, but it didn’t matter. Everyone thought she was absolutely gorgeous.

Valentine's Day: Cupid's finds my true love - a cat
My Pink Collar never knew Victory, as she came into my life after she had passed

As a new cat owner, Paws did not know much about cats. We’ve learned as we have had 6 other felines join the family over the past several years. Victory developed both kidney disease and thyroid disease. We gave her special food and thyroid pills, not an easy task. She was groomed and petted, but she had a problem with mats. She didn’t like it much when I came at her with a pair of scissors.

Victory fell head over heels in love with my significant other

While Victory was my special cat, she took a special liking to my significant other, Paul.

He would give her tuna every morning, and she would get up on her hind legs every morning at the kitchen counter begging for her special treats. I never remember her sitting in his lap, and she rarely if ever, sat in mine. She wold always sit on the arm of the couch right beside me. If there was a box available, she’d stake out there. She didn’t care to be confined.

However, those special moments with Paul drove a stake into her heart, and he may have even outdone me as her favorite human.

A few days after Christmas, Paul had a stroke. IT turned our lives upside down. Me and Victory moved in to co-habitate. A few months later, he was diagnosed with lung cancer. A month later, he had another stroke. We spend 2 years running over 40,000 miles a year to treatments. It was a horrendous battle. Victory would wait for him to come home after each hospitalization She knew he would return, and dote on her with some special treats. I only wish I had a photo of her, on her 2 hind feet, begging for tuna, as he, in his pajamas, would tole it out to her before he did anything else in the morning.

Victory looked for her love for over a year

It was a little over 2 years into the battle – we’d known each other for 13 years – that Paul died. I was devastated. However, I think his loss broke Victory’s heart. She would go to the living-room every morning for over a year looking for him. She would jump into the recliner where he had spent many hours during his recovery. We had only lived in this hours for 2 years, and yet, she was beside herself. Where was he? It took a year for her to stop looking for him. Even though she still had me, he human, she never got over his loss. She was truly left with a broken heart over a human she learned to dearly love. As my life went into a flux, she went to stay with my Mom. Within a year, she was gone. Perhaps, she had decided she wanted to go to the Rainbow Bridge to find the human whose death had broken her heart.

Victory chose her human and decided who she would truly love

I think about her often, and miss her, as I miss all my cats that have gone to the Rainbow Bridge. Victory however, was more than a love story with me – she had a very special bond with Paul and my Mom. It’s one more testament proving that cats indeed chose their humans, and they decide who they love, just like us humans.

Have you ever had a cat that literally was struck by Cupid’s arrow, and fell head over heels in love with someone other than you? Have you ever had a cat that was so attached to this person, they looked for him or her for over a year? Please share your comments and weigh in with your thoughts.

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  1. Ellen Pilch Avatar
    Ellen Pilch

    I am sorry for all Paul went through and that he is no longer with you. Cats do prefer certain people, just like us.

    1. BJ Avatar

      Thanks for your kind comments about Paul. It was quite an ordeal; however, it’s almost seems like a life time ago. Cats indeed pick there people. They just know… Amazing and fascinating.

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