Sunday Selfie: Pink Collar taking a nap

Pink Collar is enjoying a lazy Sunday doing her favorite hobby: napping..
Pink Collar is enjoying a lazy Sunday doing her favorite hobby: napping..
Feline arthritis, a silent epidemic
Pink Collar has problems jumping due to her arthritis. Her human has put several boxes and arranged furniture to make it easier for her to get to her favorite sleeping places.

Are your cats napping today. This human is kind of jealous, cause that’s what I’d like to be doing. No luck. Got to shovel snow, do dishes, and hopefully do some writing. What are your cats up to today?

Today, we’re joining the Cat on My Head’s Sunday Blog Hop. Thanks for hosting this awesome blog hop.

Sunday Selfie Blog Hop



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  2. Easy on Sunday is my favorite. As a matter of fact, mes is cuddled on Mommy’s chest as wes visits those who visits us! It is my FAVORITE thing to does on a Sunday afternoon!
    And Pink Collar, my Mommy does the same. Mes used to bes a grand jumper, and new mes can only dreams about it.
    Many Kisses

    • Sunday is a great day for napping. If only wes could have Sundays all week long, but the kitties do. Mums is thinking about getting some stairs to help kitty get to higher places.