CatSpot – a new type of cat litter

#Cat Litter – Me and My #cats are always trying to find something better, and we found it.

CatSpot is amazing, and the best litter odor control I’ve found. When I was given an opportunity to try CatSpot last summer for free, Paws said why not. At that time, we were actually trying out different cat litters to see what would work best in my five-cat feline household. As one of my cats has asthma, I was looking to change cat litters.

CatSpot - a new type of cat litter
Lenny, a curious cat by nature, checks out CatSpot to see if he approves of this new cat litter.
CatSpot - a new type of Cat Litter
Lenny sniffs the CatSpot to see if he can smell the coconut.
CatSpot - a new type of cat litter
What’s this? Lenny asks as he checks out a sample of CatSpot, a new type of cat litter.

Amazing odor control, hardly know a box is there

At Paws, we don’t shop around that much. If it works, we stay with it. The cats seem to like it that way. However, our cat litter that we’d been using for years had changed, and the odor was a little too overwhelming with perfumes to cut down on odor control.

When we had a chance to try CatSpot, we jumped at the chance, as we hadn’t been at all happy with the alternatives to our current litter.

Cat line
Paws for Reflection received a free bag of CatSpot litter to try, and wanted to share our opinion with our readers. I am being not compensated to help share CatSpot, and we only share information we feel is relevant to our readers. CatSpot is not responsible for the content of this article.
Cat line

CatSpot is the most amazing cat litter when it comes to controlling the smell of a cat box. There was almost no smell. And it went on for well over a month. If Paws had not seen my cats going in and out of the box, I would not have believed they were even using it.

CatSpot - a new type of cat litter
Lenny is fascinated by the box of CatSpot, and he can’t wait to try it out.
CatStop - a different type of cat litter
Pawing at the box, Lenny is anxious to find out what CatSpot is all about.

You already know the basics of kitty litter. We recommend removing solids daily – which is best for your cat – and stirring the litter as you do. This will help the coconut absorb the ammonia in the urine for optimal results. It will also increase the longevity and effectiveness of your litter.

How does coconut work as cat litter?

Coconut holds 560% of its weight in liquid making it the most absorbent plant known to man. The absorbent nature is what makes CatSpot so effective as a cat litter.

What makes  CatSpot so special is that it’s made from one ingredient – coconut, Mother Earth’s most ingenious invention. It is the only 100% organic cat litter in the market. It absorbs odors and liquids like no other and it’s feather-light.Disposal of CatSpot litter through septic tank systems has not yet been evaluated. Laboratory testing has shown that CatSpot is flushable because it does not contain any harmful clumping agents that will expand in a sewer system.

CatSpot - a new type of cat litter
CatSpot, a new type of cat litter, is made from coconut and is biodegradable.
CatSpot - a new type of cat litter
Lenny leaves his mark on the new cat litter. Perhaps, he’s staking it out as his own.
CatSpot - a different type of cat litter
CatSpot is made from coconut, making its texture and look a bit different.

CatSpot – a new type of Cat Litter

CatSpot litter’s work isn’t over when the litter box needs to be changed. It also doubles as a soil amendment and can be re-purposed in your garden, lawn or compost as it contains wonderful nutrients and naturally absorbs water.

We have been trained to believe that cat urine should clump in the litter box. That’s so manufacturers can sell you more of their litter. CatSpot is not intended to clump the urine. Just stir the box daily to help the coconut absorb the urine, while removing the solids daily. You only need to scoop the poop.

You know what works for your cat the best

You know your kitty best, so you’re the expert here. But we recommend 1/3 or 1/2 of the bag, depending on how frequently you plan on changing it. If you use 1/3 of the bag, we recommend to change it every 10 days. If you use 1/2 of the bag, you should change it every 15 days.

Absolutely. They recommend one bag of CatSpot Litter