It is safer for kitty to be inside in winter.
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April Fool’s Day: No more snow


April Fool’s Day: No more snow

The kitties and human at the Paws’ household have had enough of winter. April Fool’s Day kindly delivered another 4 inches of snow. Was that nature’s practical joke on us? That’s in addition to four-feet of snow in one-week during February, and a blizzard in March. We’ve had more snow this year than forever.

Today, we’re sharing our April Fool’s Day, not so fun weather practical joke, with our friends participating in this Sunday’s Selfie Blog Hop, kindly sponsored by The Cat on My Head. We sure hope our friends are having lots of sunshine, and spring has sprung.

Sunday Selfie Blog Hop
This Sunday Selfies Blog Hop is being hosted by Cat on My Head
Siamese Cat Linus watches the snow pile up from the livingroom couch.
Siamese Cat Linus watches the snow pile up from the living room couch. This photo was taken a few years ago, but it tells the story of 2017. The snow is still up to our kitchen window? Will spring ever come?
Paws sees snow for first time.
Paws sees snow for first time, but too much this year to let him stick a paw outside.
It is safer for kitty to be inside in winter.
It is safer for kitty to be inside in winter. This community cat braves the elements.

The kitties are still confined to inside, and going out to the mud room to dream of getting onto the deck, which now is covered with two-feet of snow. We’re dreaming of crocuses and sun, green grass and flowers, and being able to romp around the ground while our human does her lawn work.

We usually enjoy winter cause it gives us a break to write, blog and catch up, but this winter – well, we’ve been shoveling a lot of snow. Well, kitties actually haven’t been. They’ve been watching their human do it all. At this point, we are fed up with this weather, and guess what, we’ve got freezing drizzle coming for next week.

Last year, on April 2, we had crocuses coming up. We’ve even got photos to prove it. This year, we’ll be lucky if we see crocuses coming up for Memorial Day?

Crocuses in full bloom, a sure sign of Spring.
Crocuses in full bloom, a sure sign of Spring. This was in 2016, not 2017. We’ll be luck to see crocuses by Memorial Day. April is feeling like winter, not spring.

We wonder, is this a throwback to the winters of yesteryear. It reminds us of winters when I was growing up. Of course, the current kitties weren’t around then.

We’ve often thought about my Mom’s story of a fav kitty her Mom lost one night many moons ago. The kitty was insistent upon going out in a huge snowstorm – never heard from again. She thought she would just go out to the barn, and be safe. She was wrong. She never saw that cat again. And just like people, we never forget them. Thinking of that, we didn’t let the Paws’ cats even stick a paw out into the elements this winter.

Has spring sprung where you are, or is old-man winter keeping you in his clutches for another month? How are you kitties doing this winter? Are they getting winder drool-drums and acting out cause they’re bored? Please weigh in and share your comments.

20 responses to “April Fool’s Day: No more snow”

  1. Pam Greer Avatar
    Pam Greer

    We’ve hardly had any snow this winter and now springs seems to be here in full.

  2. Dash Kitten Crew Avatar
    Dash Kitten Crew

    You DO have a lot of snow. This is amazing. it’s April already!!

  3. ERin the Cat (Princess) Avatar
    ERin the Cat (Princess)

    We seldom have that sot of snow in UK, maybe once in ten years or twenty even dependant which part. We do get lots of rain these days so it is oft a grey place to live, especially in winter.
    Hope you all see spring, and those crocuses, very soon.
    Purrs, Erin

  4. Summer Avatar

    How sad that that kitty got lost in the snow. 🙁 You kitties are lucky to stay indoors.

    1. BJ Avatar

      She must have really loved that cat because she talked about it for years after. I was so young, I barely remember the kitty. Indeed my kitties are lucky to be safe and sound inside.

  5. Chirpy Cats Avatar
    Chirpy Cats

    We had the exact same as you! A nice April Fools snow day, but it was no joke! We have some cats who love the snow and others who prefer their heated comforts. We can’t wait for Spring!

  6. Chirp Cats Avatar
    Chirp Cats

    We had the exact same as you! A nice April Fools snow day, but it was no joke! We have some cats who love the snow and others who prefer their heated comforts. We can’t wait for Spring!

    1. BJ Avatar

      We’s with you. We want Spring. Now!!!

  7. Melissa & Mudpie Avatar
    Melissa & Mudpie

    We’re fed up with it too. We didn’t get as much in February as you did, but we got 30 inches in the March blizzard, then 6 inches yesterday. Enough already. I want snow for Christmas (which never happens). Then it just becomes a bother.

    1. BJ Avatar

      Maybe someone’s playing a trick on us, and we’re going to have Christmas in July?? Freezing rain for Tuesday – kitties and me say – NO. We’ve had enuf.

  8. Flynn Avatar

    We have spring here. Today was sunny and warm at 58F. Our winter was mild over all and our flowers arrived early. I am glad we don’t get snow like that!

    1. BJ Avatar

      We can’t wait to see flowers. Maybe we’ll get to see some May flowers.

  9. Annie Avatar

    I bet Linus was happy to see all that snow from inside through the window. Paws looks cute checking everything out. Hopefully, you’ll see those pretty crocuses soon!

    1. BJ Avatar

      We hope spring will spring soon. The kitties are happy cause they can stay inside and be safe and sound.

  10. Linda Arthur Tejera Avatar
    Linda Arthur Tejera

    Well, we’re finally having spring here. But can’t complain because this has been a VERY mild winter. Only two snowfalls and it was all gone in a couple of days. Now that’s my kind of winter! Hope you get your spring weather sooner rather than any later!

    1. BJ Avatar

      We had that last year, but wow, this started the end of December and it does not want to let go. Even my TV dish got buried.

  11. Diane Reaves Avatar
    Diane Reaves

    BJ – just wanted to tell you that I shared the info from the last blog about the litter made from coconut shells. We have both tried it and like it. Also got a nice email from the owner of the company, asking where I heard about it, and I referred him to your blog. His name is Tom Jones – I assume not the singer.

    1. BJ Avatar

      Awesome Diane! I really like Cat Spot. And if I hear from Tom Jones, the singer – no not really – I’ll know why

  12. Ellen Pilch Avatar
    Ellen Pilch

    That is so sad about your Mom’s cat. I keep mine inside in all weather.

    1. BJ Avatar

      That was many years ago . It’s best to keep kitties inside, where we know they are safe. Have a great week!

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