Teaching kittens to use scratching posts at a young age is one of the 15 ways to keep your cat from destroying your sofa
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Cat Trees and Scratching Posts make life easier for me and my cats


Pet Hacks: Cat Trees and Scratching Posts make life easier for me and my cats

Pet Hacks: Things to make life easier for me and my cats. At Paws for Reflection, we couldn’t live without cat trees and scratching posts. Today, we are joining a host of pawsome bloggers participating in the Pet Blogger Challenge hosted by SomePets.com, and we encourage you to visit the blogs of all my fellow bloggers to learn more Pet Hacks, Things to make life easier for your and your pets.

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Cat trees and scratching posts give kitty a place to need and scratch, other than the side of my couch. Strategically placing a three-foot scratching post right next to the favorite corner, gives kitties a place to need, scratch, and stretch – vital to their health and well-being.

Cat Trees and Scratching Posts make life easier
Lenny, still a kitten at heart, plays with the scratching post.

Take note, your kitty isn’t trying to be mean or spite you when they knead. It’s a hard-wired behavior they need to do. The trick is to place the scratching posts front and center, so they go to the scratching post and not to your couch, fav chair, or door. Cat scratching posts are a necessity for any cat owner who likes their furniture to remain intact. Place it where kitty wants to scratch, not in the corner, or in a place your cat is not drawn too.

Cats want to stretch when kneading

Be sure the cat trees and scratching posts are not too short. Your cat wants to stretch when making biscuits with their claws. If in doubt, watch your kitty the next time he kneads your blanket or your chest.

Cat trees provide another option for kitty to stretch out and play. Your can need and scratch while laying down, or scaling the tree. He can knead the cat tree while napping and soaking up the sun, as well.

Cat Trees and Scratching Posts make life easier
Siamese Cat Linus shows off his handsome blue eyes on his favorite new cat tree.

They seem to have an insatiable desire and need to knead, but why? Cats begin kneading as tiny kittens, before their eyes are even open. They put their paws around their mommy’s nipples and quickly learn that the pressure stimulates the flow of milk.

Insatiable Desire to knead

We also see kitties:

  • Purring when kneading.
  • Moving their paw ever so slightly.
  • Lifting their paws up and down as if parading in place.
  • Alternately pushing out and pulling in their front paws, often alternating between right and left legs.
  • Nursing or sucking on clothing or bedding during kneading.

For years, it was assumed they were sharpening their claws. But if that were so, then why would cats that are declawed exhibit the same behavior.

It’s a form of communication

Many believe it is a form of communication. If that’s the case, why do cats  seem to go back to the same piece of furniture, literally shredding it to pieces with almost no upholstery left. And why do declawed (this post by no means endorses nor condemns the practice) cats need to let others know where they are?

The scratched surface leaves a highly visible mark for other cats to see. Cats have scent glands in their paws and when they make scratching movements, or kneading, they leave odor cues that other cats smell. This may be the reason that declawed cats continue to scratch so they can leave scent marks on objects they scratch.

Reasons cats knead and scratch

Other reasons cat scratch include:

  • Removing the dead outer layer or sheath of the claws.
  • Marking territory by leaving both a visual mark and an odor or scent because they have scent glands on their claws.
  • Stetching the entire body and flexing the feet and claws.
  • Playing activities.
  • Displaying dominance by scratching in front of other cats.

Cat line

Please leave your paw prints and comments.

Remember your cat is not trying to spite you when they scratch the furniture. They are hardwired to knead and scratch. Have you found ways that helped your cat(s) stop clawing up the furniture, a favorite plant, or other inside or outside item? If so, please share your ideas so those visiting this Blog Hop can learn how to cope with this destructive behavior.

Find out your fav pet hacks you won’t want to live without at these awesome blogs participating in the Pet Blogger Challenge.
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13 responses to “Cat Trees and Scratching Posts make life easier for me and my cats”

  1. dawn Avatar

    Great information! I always shake my head when I see some of the cat scratching posts that are available. How could someone think it was big enough? Thank goodness the Internet opens people up to much better options.

    1. BJ Avatar

      They really should sell different sizes of scratching posts. Most of the ones you find in stores are a good fit for a kitten, not a cat that is over 6 months old.

  2. The Daily Pip Avatar
    The Daily Pip

    Lots of great information in this post! I have a very funny story about a DIY cat tree that my husband once tried to make. First I should that neither my husband nor I are very handy at building much of anything. But about 10 years ago he had the bright idea that he would try and build the cats a homemade tree. He found a great piece of wood with bark that they really enjoyed scratching – the only problem was the perch that sat on top of the wood was way too small. We had four cats at the time and only of them was petite enough to fit on the perch. She was a good sport and occasionally sat up there to humor him. What a funny memory!

    1. BJ Avatar

      That’s a really funny story. I can just picture the kitty with a murk om his face saying I could have told you better. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Sarcastic Dog Avatar
    Sarcastic Dog

    I don’t currently have a cat in the family but I used to love when my cats would knead on my leg while purring. They never used their claws on me, only on the scratching post (or one very unfortunate chair).

    1. BJ Avatar

      One of my posts is right in front of the corner of the couch, cause if it wasn’t it would be shredded.

  4. mommakatandherbearcat Avatar

    Bear doesn’t use the scratching posts on his cat tree … but he LOVES to climb it. Bear’s a climber and since we’ve gotten the tree, he climbs on that instead of making daredevil attempts at climbing other things. When he scratches, it’s almost always for attention (he’ll rip up carpet or a couch JUST out of my reach … and within my view) – since I ignore it, he gets tired of it quickly. Then I wait a few minutes and shower him with attention elsewhere in the house. By the way, I don’t know if you saw my reply on Facebook … but from the hotel, “I can add the second person’s name to the reservation, I’ll just need the name.
    As far as payment, the front desk can split up your bill however you’d like. You may both pre-pay at the time of check in, or split the bill in half on the day of check out. Either way will be fine.” I’ll wait for confirmation from you before I add your name 🙂

    1. BJ Avatar

      I can just picture Bear scaling the cat tree. Sounds like he’s having fun. Sometimes, I think the kitties are just bored and looking for attention. Thanks for the info on the hotel. You can add BJ Bangs (as that matches my CC info). Looking forward to meeting you. BP is gonna be busy. I signed up for the Pathfinders session, so I’m really gonna be busy!

      1. mommakatandherbearcat Avatar

        Great! I will send the e-mail to the hotel tonight!

        1. BJ Avatar

          Sounds great. Looking forward to meeting you.

  5. Carleen Avatar

    When I had cats, we had scratching posts and cat trees all over the place. Every room had one!

    1. BJ Avatar

      I don’t have one in every room, but that’s a really good idea. Time to go shopping.

    2. BJ Avatar

      Like the idea of one in ever room.

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