Sleeping with cats
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Sleeping with Cats


Sleeping With Cats

Sleeping with cats can be a challenge for all of our cat lovers. Most prefer not to banish our felines from the bedroom, and invite them to share our beds. Needless to say, by doing so, we have a number of humorous stories to share.

While we don’t have a selfie of Linus sleeping with his human (we’re going to work on that for a later post), we are sharing some selfies of this handsome blue-eyed boy as we participate in this Sunday Selfie Blog Hop, kindly sponsored by Kitty Blue’s The Cat on My Head. We invite you to check out all the blogs of all these pawsome participants.

Sunday Selfie Blog Hop
This Sunday Selfies Blog Hop is being hosted by Cat on My Head

We’re also sharing an infographic provided by Freya at MattressOnline, that can serve as a guide for sleeping with your cat.

My Siamese Linus makes sure he’s at the door when it’s time for his human to go to bed, and even if he is getting bribed with a favorite treat, he runs to the door to make sure he’s not in prime position to share his human’s bed. It takes him a bit to settle down, and he likes to walk over the top of my head, pulling my hair. He then tries to find a favorite side on which he can lay. If his human is not positioned just right, he’ll find an arm to curl up in.


Sleeping with cats
Linus snuggles with his human every night.

Sleeping with cats
Linus think about where’s the best spot to snuggle with my human tonight.

A Photo Contest

Paws has thought about running a photo contest about sleeping with cats for some time. We’re sure it would be pretty funny, and we were hoping to launch it this week; however, we decided to research the best apps to use before jumping in.

We revisited this idea after being contacted by Freya at MattressOnline about using an infographic she’d created with lots of tips on how to get a good night’s sleep and share your bed with your cat. She created the guide to help those sharing their beds with cats get a good night’s sleep.

Snuggling up with your feline friend is the choice of many cat owners. It can be calming, release stress, and promote bonding with your cat. Unfortunately, sharing your bed with a cat isn’t always conducive to getting a good night’s sleep. This is because cats tend to be nocturnal, which can lead to some pretty irritating behaviors. Which cat owner hasn’t been woken up by a cat pummeling their chest or nibbling on their toes?

About the Napping with Cats Guide

According to Freya, This guide is to help you get your cat sleeping peacefully in your bedroom. The first part of the graphic gives you tips on how to prepare your cat for bedtime. We then outline some negative behaviors and how to correct them. Hopefully, this will enable you to have a good night’s sleep and have your cat share your bed. Although, if we’re honest, we all know the cat will get its own way in the end. They always do.

Napping with Cats infographic by Mattress Online.

National Hairball Day

Do you have a funny story about sleeping with cats? Would you be interested in sharing a selfie of you sleeping with cats when Paws’ embarks on our photo contest? What’s your cat’s favorite thing to do while sharing your bed? Paws think Linus would like to crawl under my skin, but eventually he settles down for a peaceful night’s sleep, that is, as long as I don’t move!

10 responses to “Sleeping with Cats”

  1. speedyrabbit Avatar

    What a pretty kitty Linus is,Bunnies snore too!xx Speedy

    1. BJ Avatar

      Never knew bunnies snore. Kitties sure do.

  2. erinthecatprincess Avatar

    Linus is looking pretty good in his selfie this week, and clearly knows where’s best to be. My problem is my peep tosses and turns too much so I tend to settle for my work chair instead. When the bed has been properly warmed and peep acted, then I move in and get to enjoy the whole thing.
    Purrs, ERin

    1. BJ Avatar

      Smart kitty. Linus just rolls with me. when I move, he finds another spot.

  3. 15andmeowing Avatar

    Nice selfie. I don’t sleep well with cats in the bed, but I can’t sleep without them either.

    1. BJ Avatar

      That says it all. If at least one isn’t in the bed, I feel lost, even though Linus loves to pull my hair by walking on it.

  4. Brian Avatar

    That selfie is absolutely terrific! Some of us sleep with the peeps but we don’t have any pics since the lights are always out.

    1. BJ Avatar

      You must get up at the crack of dawn, and I’ll bet the kitties love it.

  5. Flynn Avatar

    Lovely selfie, Linus.
    Flynn likes to sleep on top of me on my tummy. If I am not lying on my back he will keep walking over me until I turn over. Then he will lie on my chest with his head under my chin purring for about 2 minutes. Then he turns around and I end up with his butt in my face for the rest of the night.

    1. BJ Avatar

      Kitties have a way of finding what’s comfortable for them, even if it’s not so much for us. I keep telling Linus to get his paw out of my face.

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