Make a Pet Toy Using Items in Your Home: Get creative with boxes!

Make a pet toy using items in your home: Get creative with boxes! Cats love to play. They race, pounce, jump, and even slide across the floors. They scale counter-tops and anything that gives them a birds-eye view of the world below. They play with each other and by themselves, and it seems like no matter what, they’re favorite toy, over all others is boxes.

If the boxes are full – no problem! Kitty will want to check them out, or even mark them as his own! If they’re empty, that’s even better! They can become a kitty bed, a tunnel, or whatever your kitty wants them to be!

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Make a Pet Toy Using Items in Your Home: Get creative with boxes!

Make a Pet Toy Using Items in Your Home: Get creative with boxes!

It doesn’t matter how large or small the box is, it provides hours of entertainment. Whether it is just large enough to curl up into for a nap, or if it’s a box big enough for a two-drawer file cabinet, they love it. If there’s more than one, they’ll race from one to the other, or better yet, let one of their feline family members share.

Boxes are a fav as cat toys

Boxes not only entertain the cats, they entertain their humans, as well.

Get creative with boxes and create an obstacle course. Have one upright and another laying down, and you’ve created a tunnel-maze for your cats.

When Paws first adopted my Siamese Linus and his brother Tubby, who has since passed over the Rainbow Bridge, from FIP, they immediately staked out a box that had housed a file cabinet.

Make a Pet Toy Using Items in Your Home: Get creative with boxes!

Even if the box is full of stuff, cats will stake them out as a new toy.

Make a Pet Toy Using Items in Your Home: Get creative with boxes!Tabby Make a Pet Toy Using Items in Your Home: Get creative with boxes!

- Cat in a Box! I'm in, are you?

Kitty Lenny loves sleeping in boxes.

Tubby would jump into the box, and from the inside start a wrestling match with Linus.
They’d take turns jumping into and out of the box, in a game of hide and seek. (I wish I had a video of that to share because it was just the funniest show on earth!)

All my cats are seniors, except Lenny. Despite the aging process, they still love boxes. The eldest, Clyde, who is 19-plus, still jumps in and out of boxes while he races around the upstairs. Additionally, boxes provide a place for him to hide, safely stowed away from the other cats.

Boxes idea for napping and hiding

Even Pink Collar, who has significant arthritis, will seek out a box, particularly if it’s situated where there’s sun.

If you want to get creative, cut holes in the sides. The cats will love it when you open up the bottom of the box, giving them a tunnel. If you happen to have some brown paper bags, add them into the mix, for hours of playtime, preventing you and kitty from getting bored.

If you really want to go all out, think about developing a game for you and your cats – Cat in a Box! I’m in, are you?

Make a Pet Toy Using Items in Your Home: Get creative with boxes!

What’s in this box Tabby Cat Lenny asks?


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Do your cats like to stow themselves away in boxes for hours at a time? Have you ever left boxes out, just to see whether your cat, dog or rabbit would find them entertaining? What’s your funniest box story? Please share your thoughts and stories.


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10 Responses to Make a Pet Toy Using Items in Your Home: Get creative with boxes!

  1. Summer says:

    Boxes rule! It actually took me a while to warm up to them.

    • BJ says:

      Once cats warm up to boxes, they love them. The greatest thing is they come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, so one size doesn’t fit all.

  2. dawn says:

    I always leave any new boxes I get for my kittens to play with over the next day or so. Boxes are definitely one of their favorites!

    • BJ says:

      The kitties love boxes, and what easier thing to do than just leave the boxes out for them to play with. When they get bored with that particular box, put it away, or throw it out.

  3. 15andmeowing says:

    My cats love boxes—until Penny pees in them.

  4. So true that cats always love the boxes best. Great ideas for upcycling and getting creative boxes.

  5. Carleen says:

    Boxes are the perfect cat toy!

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