10 Reasons to celebrate Mother's Day with my cats

10 reasons to celebrate Mother’s Day with my cats


10 reasons to celebrate Mother's Day with my cats
While I can’t share Mother’s Day with my human Mom, who’s passed on, I can celebrate with my Cats!
10 Reasons to celebrate Mother's Day with my cats
10 Reasons to celebrate Mother’s Day with my cats

10 reasons to celebrate Mother’s Day with my CATS!

There’s no doubt we miss our human Mom, who passed on over 3 years ago. While there’s hardly a day I don’t think about her awesomeness. I now enjoy Mother’s Day with my Pawsome cats, and here’s 10 reasons why it’s so great.

  1. I’m their human Mom. While all my cats had a different biological Mom, we now share a household with mutual love… well, mostly, when they aren’t having a cat fight.
  2. They are my Paw kids. I couldn’t even imagine life without my fur babies. They keep me centered and give me a purpose in life.
  3. We have a special bond because I spend more time with them than anyone else.
  4. Mother’s Day is about spending time with family, and what better way to spend a day than with those you love the most even if the have four legs and paws.
  5. Cats are just the FUNNIEST, the most ENTERTAINING fun you’ll ever have. Mother’s Day is a time for celebrating Mom, and what better entertainment than cats.
  6. Mother’s Day is a harbinger of Spring and Summer with lazy days ahead, and my cats are EXPERTS at showing me how to be lazy and enjoy the day.
  7. Cats are the most cuddly, loving creatures on earth. Could we ask for anything else on Mother’s Day?
  8. Cats are PURRINGLY PEACEFUL and angelic. I feel like I’m spending a day with angels, and maybe my real Mom, who has passed on, knows the cats have done a pretty darn good job of replacing her. (She was the best).
  9. We can all watch TV together, and we don’t fight over who is going to watch what show. They’re happy to be able to snuggle up to their human.
  10. While they don’t bring gifts, they bring a gift that’s worth SO MUCH MORE – UNCONDITIONAL LOVE!

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How are you celebrating Mother’s Day? Are your cats part of your celebration? Are they showing you their unconditional love? Do they participate in your family’s festivities. Please weigh in on this discussion and share your thoughts and comments.


2 responses to “10 reasons to celebrate Mother’s Day with my cats”

  1. 15andmeowing Avatar

    I am sorry your Mom is no longer with you. I hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day with your cats. I expect mine to get me a card :)

    1. BJ Avatar

      My kitties sure will get me a card, with their paw prints all over it. Have a wonderful Mother’s Day

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