Kitty fits in snugly in suitcase right next to the hairdryer.
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Kitty in a suitcase


Kitty in a suitcase

How many of you have had your kitty in a suitcase while you are trying to pack? For Paws, we are packing to go to the BlogPaws conference in Myrtle Beach, SC. We’ve signed up for the Pathfinder’s seminar with hopes of taking Paws for Reflection to a whole new level on the blogosphere.

Sunday Selfie Blog Hop
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Today, we share our kitties in a suitcase on Kitty Blue’s Sunday Selfie Blog Hop. We ask that you visit all the pawsome blogs that are participating in today’s blog hop, and find out what their kitties have been up to this week.

Taking blogging to a whole new level

We’ve been blogging at Paws for Reflection for five years, and while we are very happy at bringing readers concrete info about cat health, rescue, and news, while sprinkling in some info about travel and humor, we need to get a bigger return on our time investment. We know this year’s Pathfinders seminar at BlogPaws will help us achieve that.

Since being accepted into the workshop, we have been the recipient of a lot of good karma. Not only have we met some dynamo fellow participants, we also have connected with the Fix Felines by Five initiative, and we know Esther Mechler of Miriam’s Dream is going to keep us accountable. We are looking forward to promoting this ever so important cause which can create a whole new status for cats. By having spa/neuter done before the first heat, it will reduce cat overpopulation by mega numbers. If there are less cats, it will elevate their status.Rather than being a dime a dozen, they can be valued for the special creatures they are.


Kitty in a suitcase
Little Yellow fits right into the suitcase next to the hairdryer.

Kitty in a suitcase
Kitty Lenny hopes by hiding in his Mum’s suitcase, he can go to BlogPaws with her.
Kitty in a suitcase
Little Yellow marks his Mum’s suitcase as his territory.

Lots of positive energy coming our way

Paws is a firm believer in positive energy attracting more positives. Sometimes it seems when things go wrong, it’s an avalanche. Life’s full of hills and valleys, and well we think we’re heading in the right direction.

In the past month, Paws has teamed up with some freelance writing gigs, and we hope to build on those numbers. When Paws first started our blog, our goal was to be published in Cat Fancy, the kingpin of publications in the cat world. We had two cover stories, right before it was discontinued and molded into Catster Magazine. We continue to write for the Cat Fancier’s Association’s CatTalk.

Earlier this year, Paws for Reflection was awarded a Certificate of Excellence for Best Cat Blog: Health and Other Issues by the International Cat Writer’s Association. We also have another huge recognition we only found about last week; however, we’re going to hold off talking about it until the final announcement is made.

Kitties want to go to BlogPaws too

The tides are turning, and there’s tons of positive energy coming our way. The kitties don’t realize this. They only know there’s something up, with all the stuff, including suitcases strewn around their living area. They don’t like it when their Mummy leaves, but they’ll probably sleep for most of the week. Their human aunt, who well, isn’t a cat person, is going to be sure they have plenty of food and water. She also has been trained to give Pink Collar her medicine for her arthritis.

Even though I’m going to have a whirlwind trip opening up lots of potential opportunities, I’ll miss my kitties. I know they’ll snub their little noses at me when I return, because I had the audacity to leave them. Leave us – how could you? Really? But they’ll get over it, and will be snuggling with me by the end of the day.

National Hairball Day



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Are you going to BlogPaws this year? So your cats jump into your suitcase while your packing? Do they ignore you when you return home from a trip? Please leave your comments and join in on this fun discussion, and don’t forget to check out all the participants in today’s Sunday Selfie Blog Hop, kindly sponsored by Kitty Blue’s The Cat on My Head.

18 responses to “Kitty in a suitcase”

  1. gabb Avatar

    hi, testing

    1. BJ Bangs Avatar
      BJ Bangs

      Got it


    Well done on your achievement so thrilled for you!! Winn Feline Foundation!

    1. BJ Avatar

      I am absolutely astounded, but so happy. Winn Feline Foundation rocks when it comes to helping cats!

  3. Momma Kat and Her Bear Cat Avatar
    Momma Kat and Her Bear Cat

    I can’t wait to meet you!!! I love the pictures of your feline “helpers.” Bear’s had the crazies all day … bouncing off anything in his path!

    1. BJ Avatar

      Glad to have met you. Wish I could have met Bear too. He sounds like a pretty awesome cat!

  4. Jean Dion Avatar
    Jean Dion

    I love the positive feel of this blog post! It does seem like things really are turning in your direction. I hope you get all that you hope for (and more!) from BlogPaws. I’ll miss it this year, but I hope to be back with bells on in 2018. Who knows what great things you’ll be up to at that time, right?

    Jean from Welcome to the Menagerie

  5. BJ Avatar

    Indeed I’d better cause there’s a Siamese in it right now.

  6. Brian Avatar

    I’m not going to BlogPaws but Flat Brian is and the Dad is taking him. Hopefully you two will get to exchange a howdy!

    1. BJ Avatar

      Sure hope to meet your human dad. Purrs and hope he has a safe trip.

  7. Melissa Lapierre Avatar
    Melissa Lapierre

    I hope to get to BlogPaws one year but I just have too many obligations at home right now. Have a blast…we can’t wait to hear all about it!

    1. BJ Avatar

      This is my second time, the first was five years ago. I’m pretty excited. Hope you can make it sometime, but when duty calls, we have to do what we have to do.

  8. 15andmeowing Avatar

    Have a wonderful trip.

    1. BJ Avatar

      Thank you. It will be pawsome, but I will miss my kitties so much.

  9. erinthecatprincess Avatar

    I hope BlogPaws goes well for you all, and if you happen to have little stowaway, then maybe that is just a bit of feline inspiration for the new journey, physical and metaphorical the you are about to undertake.
    Purrs for a lovely week and safe travelling.

    1. BJ Avatar

      Thanks so much. We all need feline inspiration. Even though cats rock the Internet, they seem to still be second fiddle to dogs. Don’t get it. Wish you were at BlogPaws, cause would luv to meet you.

  10. Bilge Avatar

    Hi there, I have recently (2 weeks ago) adopted my third furry boy from OHS. He was very scared due to his previous owners bad treatment. So when Vet recommended to buy and use Feliway diffuser at least for a month, I didn’t hesitate to buy it. As soon as we got home, I plugged it in his bedroom (until my two cats and him ready to meet, I have a separate room for this new boy Tiny). And I slept with him that night until I woke up middle of the night feeling dizziness and nausea, I got up and open the window, unplugged the diffuser from the plug and went to my bedroom and open my window to get fresh air to my lungs. Since then never used it.
    The vet told me that the Active ingredient is a mother cat’s pheromone, but she didn’t include what is the excipient in this product, which whoever lives in that environment and the cats inhales it. Actually it is Isoparaffinic hydrocarbon q.s which is extremely flammable and poisonous.
    You can read it’s MSDS sheet here:
    By the way it affects on the living beings’ nervous system. Babbies, adults, cats…. it is not the cat pheromone, it is the poison that makes animal dozed. For your consideration!

    1. BJ Avatar

      Thanks for sharing. I will check out the MSDS sheet. I’ve used the product, but I haven’t been all that impressed with it.

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