Conspicuously Absent: Tech issues and more

Conspicuously Absent: Tech issues and more


Conspicuously Absent: Tech issues and more

Conspicuously Absent: Tech issues and more is what Paws has been dealing with since returning from an absolutely fabulous BlogPaws 2017. I was thrilled to have a chance to meet members of the Sunday Selfie Blog Hop, including Kitty Blue of The Cat on My Head, who hosts this fantabulous group.

Sunday Selfie Blog Hop
This Sunday Selfies Blog Hop is being hosted by Cat on My Head

Paws also had the pleasure of meeting bloggers from Mama and her Bear Cat, Brian, and Erin, the Cay (Princess), and Sweet Perfections. We even shared a room with Mama and her Bear Cat. That certainly helped defray expenses.

We can’t even say how much we learned from BlogPaws 2017; however, on my return home, my web hosting site decided Paws had too much spam, and shut down my site. After spending about a week getting it migrated over the SiteGround, and getting the SSL certificate finally working right (something my old host just couldn’t get right) and MailChimp installed (If anyone would like to sign up for my mailings to tests it out, that would be awesome!) Low and behold, my phone and Internet service went down, just in time for the weekend when I have time to catch up on my blogging.

Conspicuously Absent: Tech issues and more
Technological issues slow down Paws’ blogging efforts.

Technical issues get in the way of blogging

Needless to say, this combined with painting my 8 by 10 foot deck (a three-day project) have left me way behind the eight-ball when it comes to blogging and writing.

I still have a whole host of work to do following BlogPaws, and much to share from the many things I learned throughout the weekend. For one, Paws want to do more Meme’s and short videos, and that is on the must-do list for the summer.

My affiliation with Fix Felines by Five (fix your kittens before they are five-months-old to prevent unwanted litters) remains strong, and it is because of that connection that I was the recipient of the 2017 Winn Feline Foundation’s Media Appreciation Award. (More on that coming later this week).

Additionally, Paws has some freelance writing gigs to complete, ASAP. We’re really excited about all these new opportunities, and we cannot wait to throw our paws in feet first. We just wish we didn’t have to deal with all this technical stuff, cause it really is highly annoying and very time consuming. But as we don’t have the funds to pay for technical support, we just deal with it, and move forward, one paw at a time. For Paws, blogging isn’t just a hobby, it’s a way to stay connected with the pet community and really make a difference to help cats and elevate their status.

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Did you go to BlogPaws 2017? What was your biggest take-away? Do you find technological problems get in your way, and way too much time gets devoted to them? Please weigh in and share your thoughts.

Stop by and check out all the wonderful bloggers participating in this Sunday’s Selfie Blog Hop.

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