Sanitary Butt Trim keeps do-do out of kitty's bum
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Sanitary Butt Trim keeps do-do out of kitty’s bum


Sanitary Butt Trim keeps do-do out of kitty’s bum, and that’s why Little Yellow gets one a couple times a year.


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Sanitary Butt Trim keeps do-do out of kitty's bum
Ready for a Sanitary Butt Trim to keep do-do out of kitty’s bum
Sanitary Butt Trim keeps do-do out of kitty's bum
What beautiful pantiloons this kitty has, but the poop can get stuck in them.


Sanitary Butt Trim keeps do-do out of kitty's bum
Mummy, stop taking pictures of my bum! It makes me self-conscious.

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Picture of litter box

Litter box issues are unique for long-haired cats

While covered boxes keep the poop out of sight, they are intimidating for the cats. Paws has 2 covered boxes, and 3 uncovered. However, 2 of the uncovered ones sit underneath specially made cat furniture, and the cats really like this. They have plenty of head room and the sides do not hem them in. These specially designed store-bought pieces keep the litter out of sight and give the cats ample room to do their business in privacy, but not with the fear of getting ambushed. At Paws, we strongly recommend investing in the furniture.



Sanitary Butt Trim keeps do-do out of kitty's bum
Those Pantaloons are gorgeious, but they have to go!
Sanitary Butt Trim keeps do-do out of kitty's bum
A butt trim is best done at the vet’s office as kitty’s skin is very thin.
Sanitary Butt Trim keeps do-do out of kitty's bum
With a Sanitary Trim, kitty is now able to clean up all that poop on his legs, tummy and butt.
Sanitary Butt Trim keeps do-do out of kitty's bum
Sanitary Butt Trim keeps do-do out of kitty’s bum


Make sure cats want to use the litter box

While we have a pretty god handle on those issues, there’s one that remains The Biggest Challenge. Little Yellow, an 8-year-old long-haired orange Tabby has asthma, and trying to find a litter that doesn’t have too much dust has been something the Paws’ family has been struggling with for the past 4 years. While we look for the best litter, we may change it out a bit too much, leaving Little Yellow and his 4 feline siblings a bit confused.

With his long hair, his poop will periodically get stuck on his hind legs and tail. This presents a nightmare because the poop is gets on everything his kitty body sits on. We all know cats like to be clean, and when this poop gets stuck in his fur, he freaks. He knows he’s dirty, and he wants it out. But it’s stuck. As he knows this is not ‘politically correct’ and the poop should be in the box. He becomes belligerent and scared when his human comes with a pair of scissors and a wet paper towel. He wants no part of this. The removal is not easy and can take hours of coaxing. Sometimes, he will relax enough to sit in his human’s lap, and then let he take the paper towel and start removing the poop. To say the least it’s unpleasant for him and for his Mommy.


A butt-trim might be the best option

With his health challenges, he cannot be periodically shaved because putting him under anesthesia could be dangerous. Our veterinarian has confirmed this. Every 2 to 3 months, we schedule a butt-trim. As his human is a single person, there’s no help and we aren’t going to chance cutting his paper-thin skin to do it by ourselves. We go to the vet, and there they take out the razor and trim off inches of hair from his hind legs and the lower part of his tail. It’s like magic. For months, there’s no more issues. Then it grows out, and we have to repeat the procedure. It’s well worth a few sheckles to prevent the fiasco of removing the poop. He still may get some caught, but it usually falls off right after he leaves the box. We have litter mats in front of the boxes and that usually gets most of it. Once in a while, we find a solid piece of poop on the floor. We have hardwood floors due to the cats, so it’s an easy clean-up.

Paws recommends cat owners tune into your kitties’ needs and wants. When it comes to the litter box, you need to find a happy medium between their needs and desires, and your wants. The last thing you want is a house that smells like a litter box. The last thing they want is to feel threatened, distressed, scared, and uncomfortable.

Cat line

For more info on butt trims, you may want to check out Questions About Cat Butts Answered on

In addition, check out this article on Why Cats Groom Themselves So Often at OurFitPets as we all know cats like to be clean

For more info on cat litter, check our blog posts on just that topic.

There’s some terrific info there that’s worth checking out.

Cat line


Do you have some litter box tips to share? Please weigh on the discussion and share them with Paws’ readers. It’s an important subject that’s never going to go away. Later this week, we are going to discuss a new type of litter that Paws’ is checking out.

6 responses to “Sanitary Butt Trim keeps do-do out of kitty’s bum”

  1. Ryan Ireland Avatar
    Ryan Ireland

    I have a somewhat fat calico who gets the butt trim done (by me) about every 6 to 8 weeks. She is not super thrilled about this, but without it, her rear end winds up all crunchy with litter stuck to the urine and poo speckled fur around her bum, so it’s definitely a must do. She knows exactly what a “butt cut” is, and if I say those awful words, off she goes!

    1. BJ Bangs Avatar
      BJ Bangs

      It’s no fun for us humans or for kitty to have poo stuck on their butt, tail or legs. The butt trim is the best way to go!

  2. Summer Avatar

    Because I’m a show cat (even though I no longer compete), I need to keep my pantaloons looking good, and natural. So on the (trust me, RARE) occasions I have a messy rear end, my human gives me a butt bath. Even though I don’t like the getting wet part all that much, I do like the blow dry!

    1. BJ Bangs Avatar
      BJ Bangs

      Paws is sure your human understands that it’s her duty to give you a bath and clean up that poo! Not so pleasant for her, but oh, so good for you! ell, I can certainly understand that. You need those fancy pants to show off just how beautiful you are. I’m sure your happy she does!

  3. 15andmeowing Avatar

    I have had to get sanitary butt trims done at the vet for some of my cats. Nice butt- it is tocktober 🙂

    1. BJ Bangs Avatar
      BJ Bangs

      The Sanitary butt trims help with the long-haired kitties. There’s not much else that can be done to keep the kitty poo from sticking to their tail and hind legs. What we don’t do for our furbabies.

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