POP Cats celebrating all things cat coming to Texas

POP Cats

POP Cats celebrating all things cats is coming to Austin, Texas on Aug 25-26. At Paws for Reflection, we are finding 2018 is taking the cat crazed Internet to the streets from Jackson’s Galaxy’s Cat Camp in New York, to London’s First Ever CatFest, Los Angeles’ CatCon, to POP Cats in Texas.

iAmMoshow, the Cat Rapper proves that kitty-love expands beyond the cat lady stereotype and celebrates the special relationship between men and their cats.

Here, we are talking about the cat themed event in Austin, Texas on Aug. 25-26. This two-day event should be a must on any cat lover’s list of things to do this summer. With the talent, a

Talent Lineup Includes iAmMoshow, Betty Rose “Cattoos” and Austin’s Own Turbo Two Legs

 POP Cats celebrating all things cat is coming to Austin, Texas on Aug 25-26. Texas’ first convention celebrating all things cat and pop culture, boasts of an incredible and diverse lineup of cat-centric performers, experts and influencers at this first-ever, two-day cat party at Austin’s Palmer Event Center on Aug. 25-26.

Pop Cats


Celebrating the fascinating subculture of felines & their humans

The curated roster includes iAmMoshow the Cat Rapper, “cattoo” artist Betty Rose, Tumblr “Meme Librarian” Amanda Brennan and Austin-based special needs superstar kitty Turbo Two-Legs. The talented slate of influencers and advocates will join more than 60 artists and vendors from around the world joining together to celebrate the fascinating subculture of felines and their humans.

POP Cats
Turbo Two Legs: Turbo Two Legs, the Austin-based tuxedo-cat-turned-Instagram-sensation with rear leg paralysis, will be among the super line-up at POP Cats.
POP Cats
iAmMoshow, the Cat Rapper, will be a real hit at Austin’s POP Cats.

POP Cats 2018 talent lineup will explore the prevalence of cats in pop culture while dispelling myths about the often-misunderstood creatures. Live presentations and performances will take place throughout both days of the event – offering guests up-close, interactive opportunities to engage with some of the cat community’s most notable influencers and expurrts. The lineup will be a key element of POP Cats’ immersive cat-tastic universe where humans can shop, learn, adopt, play and connect with the spirited cat community.

POP Cats
Austin’s own internet-famous tuxie cat, Turbo-Two Legs will be onsite with his mom, Chelsey Schmidt, to highlight the benefits of adopting disabled and special needs kitties.

POP Cats celebrating all things cat

Entertainment programming includes a performance by iAmMoshow the Cat Rapper, media maven Amanda Brennan shining a light on cats and internet culture, cat wine creator Brandon Zavala and an onsite “cattoo” booth by Betty Rose Tattoos.

Additionally, cat experts – including veterinarians and community advocates – will offer presentations highlighting feline issues such as adoption, the cruelty of declawing, feral cat programs and cat behavior. Austin’s own internet-famous tuxie cat, Turbo-Two Legs will be onsite with his mom, Chelsey Schmidt, to highlight the benefits of adopting disabled and special needs kitties.

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    POP Cats

    About POP Cats

    POP Cats is an annual convention celebrating cats, art and pop culture. The interactive event offers educational and entertaining programming, unique artists, vendors and plenty of adorable felines. Founded by siblings, Edgar Alexander and Johana Flores, POP Cats creates a fun-filled “cat universe” intended for people of all ages, cat lovers and the cat-curious. Through a combination of entertainment and advocacy, POP Cats provides insight into cat culture, raises awareness of cat welfare programs and celebrates the passionate cat community. For more information, visit popcats.org.

    POP Cats

    POP Cats celebrating all things cat

    POP Cats 2018 Talent and Presenter Lineup Includes:

    • iAmMoshow, the Cat Rapper: Performance and meet and greet with the famed Portland, OR hip-hop artist. Moshow’s large Instagram following and delightful YouTube music videos such as  “Cat World” and “Love Your Cats” prove that kitty-love expands beyond the “cat lady” stereotype and celebrates the special relationship between men and their cats.  iammoshow.com
    • Amanda Brennan, Senior Content Insights Manager at Tumblr: The “Meme Librarian” will present an entertaining look into online kitty culture, “From Caturday to Catspotting, a Brief History of Cats on the Internet.” memelibrarian.com
    • Chelsey Schmidt and Turbo Two Legs: Turbo Two Legs, the Austin-based tuxedo-cat-turned-Instagram-sensation with rear leg paralysis, shares the stage with his human to offer insights about raising cats with special needs. instagram.com/turbotwolegs
    • Theresa Furrer, Founder of Nine Lives Twine: Fiber Artist and cat enthusiast, Theresa Furrer, will present a live demo spinning pet hair into funky, heartfelt keepsakes that celebrate and honor four-legged friends. ninelivestwine.com
    • Brandon Zavala, Founder of Apollo Peak Beverages: Brandon Zavala, “Shark Tank” entrepreneur and founder of cat wine company Apollo Peak Beverages, will share his touching story of the loss and recovery of his cat, Apollo, and the importance of microchipping. apollopeak.com
    • Bexy McFly, Founder and Publisher of Pussweek Magazine: Pussweek, a collection of coffee table books written by cats, for cats, features feline-only lifestyle content such as quizzes, horoscopes and celebrity mews. Pussweek’s Creator, Bexy McFly, will present a humorous look into the world of feline media with her presentation, “The Devil Wears Purrada: A Cat’s Guide to Feline Empowerment.” pussweek.com
    • Dr. Katrina Breitreiter, Owner of South Austin Cat Hospital and Texas Co-Director of the Paw Project: “Dr. Kat the Cat Doctor” will offer insight into alternatives to cat declawing. Dr. Kat co-directs the Texas chapter of The Paw Project, a grassroots movement to protect felines, both large and small, from the cruelty of declawing. southaustincathospital.com pawprojectmovie.com
    •  Betty Rose of Betty Rose Tattoos: Brooklyn and Austin-based “cattoo” artist and illustrator, Betty Rose, will offer onsite tattoos in addition to selling her popular cat illustrations. bettyrosetattoos.com
    • And lots of adorable cats.

    POP Cats will also feature plenty of adorable cats. Austin Humane Society will be on site with adoptable kitties looking for their forever home. Central Texas non-profit cat organizations will also be onsite including Bastrop Animal Rescue, Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter, Shadow Cats, Street Cat Rescue, Texas Humane Heroes and Leisure Cat Animal Rescue.

    POP Cats is designed to create a fun, interactive environment featuring music, art, entertainment, and play spaces for cats and their owners. It’s a virtual cat park! Yes, kitties are invited to POP Cats too!

    Tickets are on sale now at popcats.org

    The Details

    POP Cats 2018

    Palmer Events Center

    900 Barton Springs Rd. Austin, TX 78704

    Sat., Aug. 25 – 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

    Sun., Aug. 26 – 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

    Tickets: $10 – $32

    You might want to check out this link to iAmMoshow, the Cat Rapper’s YouTube Channel.


    POP Cats


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    POP Cats

    What do you think of all the cat events cropping up all over the place? It’s certainly good for the cats. At Paws, we’d sure like to check this out, and we hope to bring more info about the entertainers to you before the event.  If you could bring a cat event to your state, what would it be. Leave your paw prints below.

    BJ Bangs is an award-winning journalist, photographer, and communication professional who is an aspiring author. She loves everything about cats, including visiting cool cat places and events and writing about them.



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