Secret Paws: Thanks for making this a pawsome Christmas

Little Yellow checks out all the goodies from his Secret Paws.

Secret Paws: Thanks for making this a pawsome Christmas. The cats at Paws for Reflection were thrilled when we received a package from our Secret Paws Pal from Washington state. Charlemagne and heir human blogs at The Emperor and The Saint at

We had recently send them some cool Christmas stuff, and were so thrilled when we received a package from them. Mom tried out the dried treats, and to her surprise we loved them.

Our heart goes out to them, as their special Mal crossed the Rainbow Bridge this year. At the Paws household, our Christmas was bitter-sweet, as we had just said good-bye to our sister, Pink Collar, who crossed to the bridge on Dec. 13. While we miss her, she is now pain-free, and can frolick on the bridge with those that have passed before while she waits for the rest of her kitty family to join her.

Perhaps, our human is dating herself, but this kind of brought back memories of having a secret penpal in Girl Scouts. While we would never remember her name, she was from Alabama, and both shared a love for horses and other animals. But that is digressing into history. Today, we want to share some photos of us just loving our new toys.

We loved the birds and the feathers, just as cats, we have to admit our favorite is always food, and we just loved the Party Mix. How did you know that is one of our Favvvvvorites!!

Secret Paws – Look at all these amazing gifts, and all individually wrappped. We just luved unwrapping them!

Secret Paws package. Lenny asks,, ‘What smells so good?’

Siamese Linus jumps right into the Secret Paws package. Look at all these Meowwwy presents!

Secret Paws. Curiosity gets the best of the cats!

We thank our Secret Paws Pal and we look forward to connecting more over the course of 2019. Thanks so much for making this fun event a possibility. It was a highlight for the human and the cats at Paws for Reflection.

BJ Bangs is an award-winning journalist, photographer, and communication professional who is an aspiring author. She loves everything about cats, including visiting cool cat places and events and writing about them.



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