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Smart Cat Litter is the best


Pioneer Pet’s Smart Cat All Natural Cat Litter is the best cat litter. It has great odor control, and is what I’d rate one of the best cat litters out there.

The cats at Paws for Reflection check out Pioneer’s SmartCat Litter, and it is winning their stamp of approval.

Environmentally friendly cat litter

Additionally, it is a smart cat litter for the environment. Made from 100 percent USA farmed grasses, with no chemicals or fragrances, SmartCat is easy to scoop and clean. It is biodegradable, which makes it a good choice for the environment, and it is made from renewable resources, grass. And did we say, the odor control is out of this world.

Cat dividing line

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SmartCat Controls Odors

As it is soft on the paws, it is safe for cats of all ages. According to Pioneer Pet’s literature, it is light I weight, but strong in performance, out clumping clay, every day.

When Paws tried SmartCat All Natural Cat Litter, we were amazed at how clean it is, and how well it controls odor. We would say, it has the best odor control in cat litter, and it is not messy.

The Best Cat Litter

Pioneer Pet claims, ‘Our litter is formulated and manufactured to provide excellent odor control. SmartCat All Natural Litter clumps so fast and hard that odors don’t have a chance to escape. We don’t add any fragrances or perfumes to our litter that can be offensive to your cats.’ We tend to agree with that statement.

Pioneer Pet’s SmartCat Litter is good for the environment and the cats.
Cat dividing line

Paws received a complimentary bag after the 2018 BlogPaws Conference in Kansas City, and we liked it so much we ordered more. It is available through Pioneer Pet’s website, or through major retailers like Amazon (Amazon.com). The Paws family is pretty particular about our cat litters, so we were a bit skeptical; however, we were very surprised, and we are giving your our opinion on the product in this review.

Cat dividing line

Smart Cat Natural Litter absorbs and forms very hard strong clumps, making scooping and cleaning the litter box quick and easy. Paws found cleaning the box is a breeze, and with no chemicals, it  is better for the cats because if they lick out any litter stuck in their paws (and we’ve seen very little), it is not going to be harmful to their health.

Cleaning the litter box is a breeze

Additionally, it is dust-free, which makes it a great choice for anyone with allergies. As I have a cat with asthma, it’s a good choice for him as well. With virtually no dust, SmartCat Natural Litter provides a healthier cleaner litter box environment for all members of the household.

Its unique cream coloring is visually pleasing and your cat will love the soft sand-like texture. SmartCat All Natural Litter has a creamy sand-like texture to give the product a clean and pure look that minimizes tracking. 

Can you imagine the ah-hhaw MEOW your cat will say when they aren’t dealing with all that dust when ‘doing their business’ in the litter box?

SmartCat is lightweight, and because of this, there may be some tracking. You may want to place a rug in front of the litter box, or if you use tile or vinyl, you can easily clean up with a few strokes of the broom. 

Sweeping or shaking out the strategically placed rug each day when you clean the litter box will help prevent tracking throughout the home.

At over $35.00 for a 40-pound bag (price can vary depending on the vendor), Smart Cat All Natural Cat Litter is a bit pricey, but what I found is the cat litter lasts a long time, and therefore, when you average out the cost compared to other cat litters, it may be a bit more expensive, but it’s worth it.

When it comes to odor control, it has it all over any other litter I’ve tried, and believe me, we have gone on a search to find a better cat litter. We have to admit we think Pioneer’s Smart Cat Litter ranks right up there with the best cat litters.

The only issue is it may take your cat some time to get used to the litter. Our Siamese loves it, but our Yellow long-haired coon look-alike hasn’t decided if it’s his thing, yet. 

We suggest trying some litter, and keeping one box with the old litter, and then, mixing the two, so your cat gets used to the new litter slowly.

What to look for in cat litter

Just to give you an idea of some things, you might want to look for to find the best cat litter, we are sharing some cat litter facts.

Did you know the first cat litter, Kitty Litter, which later morphed into Tidy Cat, was invented in 1947 by Edward Lowe.

Before the mid-1940s, indoor cat boxes were filled with dirt, sand, sawdust, paper, and even ashes and cinders, which were common as it was common for people to burn wood and coal at home. (Paws actually remembers a cat box behind the wood stove, filled with dirt.)

All of these materials would attract a cat to bury waste, but they didn’t do anything about the unpleasant smell of feline urine. Edward Lowe Industries became the Golden Cat Corporation, which following his death, was sold to Ralston Purina.

Today, there is a whole host of choices from clumping to non-clumping. Litter can be made from:

  • Clay
  • Corn
  • Coconut husks
  • Wheat
  • Walnuts
  • Recycled Newspaper
  • Or Silica gel crystals
  • And more

Each variety has its own benefits, so you can choose the one based on your preference and your cat’s preference. Take note, your cat’s preference is all-important.

A finicky cat will quickly let you know if they do not like their litter; take note, as cats will quickly develop bad habits (ie. not using their litter box) if their demands are not answered.

Cat Litter Texture Matters

The texture you select matters to your cat, as she will be stepping on it. Litter also comes in scented and unscented formulas, as well as varied degrees of absorbency and odor control. Litter products also offer different degrees of clumping, resulting in how scoop-friendly the product is to use.

Cat Litter’s Smell Control Varies

Odor elimination is extremely important to pet parents, and litter products vary in their ability to eliminate odors. Scented litters are designed to mask odors from the litter box.

Some cats can be deterred by strong scents and may prefer unscented litters.

There are many scent-free brands that rely on ingredients such as carbon and natural plant extracts that work to absorb odors from urine and feces to reduce litter box smells, keeping both you and your kitty happy.

Some litters are also more environmentally friendly, and made from recycled or sustainable products, and can be repurposed as mulch. Some are flushable.

Ultimately, the right litter for your cat is not only one that she is happy to use but also one that will effectively deal with odor issues.

How Pioneer Smart Pet Products started

We wanted to take the time to share to share a little information about Pioneer Smart Pet Products because who the company is can reflect on the products it makes.

In the late 1990’s Betsy Lipscomb, a cat behaviorist, cat lover and founder of SmartCat® understood that people surrendered their cats to shelters because they didn’t know how to change unwanted behaviors. Cat owners were unhappy with cats using furniture and carpets to do what came natural to them – scratching.

Most thought de-clawing was the only answer, it is not! Paws has written several articles about cats kneading and scratching.

Read more about cats kneading and scratching at:

Cats International founded

For Betsy, this was a call to action. She started Cats International, a free hotline to help people solve their cat behavior issues. For years Betsy fielded thousands of calls from desperate cat owners looking for solutions.

Improving cat’s quality of life

She decided that she wanted to start a company whose sole mission was to enhance our pets’ quality of life, by providing for their needs.

She especially wanted to detour pet parents from declawing their cats, as she deemed it as a cruel procedure. With a lot of persuasion, she finally convinced her husband, John, to manufacture a larger version of her homemade scratching post. The result was their flagship product, the Ultimate Scratching Post. Thus SmartCat® began.

From there the rest is history. In 2009 the company branched out to become Pioneer Pet Products, offering more and more products.

In 2012 Pioneer Pet Products acquired the brand Sticky Paws, a tactile tape that detours cats from scratching unwanted surfaces, and keeping them out of harmful houseplants. Sticky Paws fits right into the Pioneer Pet brand, as it helps cat owners to tame behaviors in the home without taking away their natural instincts.

While Pioneer Pet Products is no longer a farmhouse operation, its mission has never changed – to provide superior products that will improve the quality of life for pets and their owners. All of their products are designed by behavior experts, as well as being widely tested and approved before reaching the market.

Cats International

Pioneer Pet Products is associated with Cats International. Knowing that behavioral problems are the number one killer of pets in this country, Betsy started a free behavior counseling service that is known as Cats International. The site offers smart and practical solutions in solving and preventing difficult behavior and training problems.

Cat dividing line

If you are looking for a cat litter that has incredible odor control, is an easy clean-up, and environmentally friendly, click place your order today. Both you and your house guests will appreciate the enhanced odor control. Even your kitty will be impressed.

Check out the following link for additional cat products.

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