You Know Your Cat Loves You Because…an ideal book for cat lovers


‘You Know Your Cat Loves You Because’… is a fun, entertaining book that will lighten any cat person’s day.

You Know Your Cat Loves You Because is an ideal book for cat lovers.

This quick read, is exactly as the authors describe it, ‘The Sweet, Silly, and Scientific Ways Our Cats Show US How Much They Love Us’. Jeff Parks and Nina Brissey have done a great job captivating the many ways our cats show their affection, including waking us up at 4 am for breakfast and finding our favorite sweater as their bed of choice.

Cat dividing line

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Cat dividing line

Mark Sean Wilson’s illustrations draw the reader into this 51-page book which brings to life those priceless moments that make cats, cats. You Know Your Cats Loves You … because they show it to us every day. We all know cats love to hang out in cardboard boxes, but did you know they do it just because we humans find it cute. They sit on your laptop to protect it from being stolen, and not so you won’t use it.

While most cat folks have heard about the parody of cats following us into the bathroom (who knows why) these authors put a different twist on it – they show their devotion while holding their nose.

In the introduction, the authors point out, its true cats do love us humans, and their affection for us is not solely to get food and care. Based on their lifetime experiences, they say, cats are indeed capable of showing love in a multitude of ways, ways you may never have known or imagined. They show us just how many ways including grooming you when you are having a bad day.

A love letter to cat owners everywhere, You Know Your Cats Loves You Because is funny, heartwarming and humorous, just like our cats. This book makes an ideal gift for a cat person, or a great coffee table book for someone to pick up and quickly pursue. It will definitely put a smile on their face.

In a world of social distancing, are you reading more books? Do you have a favorite cat book? Do you like reading humorous books about cats?

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  1. angelswhisper2011 Avatar

    MOL…I need to show them right now…MOLClean Pawkisses for a Happy Weekend. Stay Safe Healthy and Yourselfie

    1. BJ Bangs Avatar
      BJ Bangs

      It is especially important we show our cats how much we love them amidst COVID-19. They pick up on our stress level, and they know something is not just right with us. They also wonder why we are home all the time, interrupting their routine. Many purrs…

  2. Brian Avatar

    That does look really, really cute!