Cat gets ready to celebrate Mardi Gras, one of the Many 2021 Pet (Mostly Cat) Holidays.

Complete list of 2021 Pet (Mostly Cat) Holidays


A complete list of 2021 pet holidays is essential for those wishing to celebrate cats this year. At Paws News for Cat Lovers, we focus on cat tourism and events, cat news, and lots of other cat stuff. Therefore, we felt we would be remiss if we did not bring you a complete list of special cat days in 2021. While many places may not be open in person due to the pandemic, there is bound to be a flurry of online activity surrounding pet holidays in 2021.

The complete list of 2021 pet (mostly cat) holidays include well-known celebrations like National Cat Day on Oct. 29, the Fourth of July, Halloween, National Black Cat Appreciation Day on August 17, and February’s Feline Fix by Five Appreciation Month.

We also include January’s Answer Your Cat Question Day (January 22), Change a Pet’s Life’s Day (January 24) and National Plan Your Vacation Day (January 26).

The list is comprehensive, including National Disaster Preparedness Month (September), Adopt-A-Shelter Cat Month (June) and Happy Cat Month (September).

This list serves as a great guide for writers, bloggers, photographers, videographers, or event planners that are looking for a way to gain attention in a fun way. We encourage you to bookmark this list, and keep it handy, for your reference in 2021.

Cat Holidays Year-round

Keep your pet safe on The Fourth of July, one of the many 2021 Pet (Mostly Cat) Holidays.
Keep your pet safe this Fourth of July as you both celebrate one of the 2021 Pet (Mostly Cat) Holidays.
Cat gets ready to celebrate Mardi Gras, one of the Many 2021 Pet (Mostly Cat) Holidays.
Pink Collar has been a member of the Paws’ family for 16 years. Here she’s ready to party, showing she’s still got plenty of cat mojo.
Pin of cat with Complete List of 2021 Pet (Mostly Cat) Ho

Complete list of 2021 Pet (Mostly Cat) Holidays

January 2021

Walk Your Pet Month

January 1, New Year’s Day

January 2, National Pet Safety Travel Day, Happy Mew Year for Cats Day    

January 14, National Dress up Your Pet Day    

January 18, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

January 22, Answer your Cat Question Day

January 24, Change A Pet’s Life Day   

January 26, National Plan for Vacation Day (last Tuesday of January)

January 28, National Fun At Work Day

February 2021

Beat the Heat Month

Feline Fix by Five Awareness Month

National Cat Health Month

Spay\/Neuter Awareness Month (Humane Society of the United States)

Pet Dental Health Month

Responsible Pet Owners Month

National Prevent a Litter Month  

February 2, Groundhog Day   

February 7, Super Bowl & Kitten Bowl VII (Hallmark Channel)

February 14, Valentine’s Day

February 14, Pet Theft Awareness Day    

February 16, Shrove Tuesday/Mardi Gras

February 17, Ash Wednesday

February 19, President’s Day (third Monday of February)

February 20, Love Your Pet Day

February 25 – March 3, National Justice for Animals Week

February 27, World Spay Day (Annual campaign Humane Society International and Humane Society of the US)

February 27, Spay USA Day (last Tuesday of February)

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March 2021

National Pet Poison Prevention Month

March 3, If Cats Had Thumbs Day 

March 6 -12, Professional Pet Sitters Week    

March 14, Daylight Savings Time Begins

March 17, St. Patrick’s Day

March 17, St. Gertrude of Nivelles Day (“The Cat Lady of the Catholic Church”)

March 20, First Day of Spring

March 21-27, National Poison Prevention Week

March 23, Cuddly Kitten Day

March 27, Passover Begins

March 28, Respect Your Cat Day

April 2021

National Heartworm Awareness Month

National Pet First Aid Awareness Month    

Prevention to Cruelty to Animals Month (ASPCA)  

National Pet Month – UK

April 1, April Fool’s Day

April 4, Easter

April 6, National Siamese Cat Day

April 11, National Pet Day   

April 11, Celebrate Shelter Pets Day

April 15, Tax Day

April 16, National Wear Your Pajamas to Workday    

April 18-24, Animal Care and Control Appreciation Week (second full week of April)

April 17-24, National Pet ID Week    

April 18, Pet Owners Independence Day   

April 17-24, National Pet ID Week (third week in April)

April 18-24, Animal Cruelty\/Human Violence Awareness Week (Humane Society of the US – third week in April)

April 19, National Cat Lady Day

April 22, Earth Day

April 24, World Veterinary Day (last Saturday in April. World Veterinary Association) 

April 25, National Pet Parent Day

April 26, National Kids & Pets Day

 April 30, Adopt a Shelter Pet Day

April 30, National Therapy Animal Day

April 30, National Tabby Day

April 30, Hairball Awareness Day (last Friday in April)   

May 2021

Pet Cancer Awareness Month

Chip Your Pet Month     

Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month     

Lyme Disease Awareness Month

National Foster Care Month

National Pet Month

Pet Sitter Safety Month

Responsible Animal Guardian Month

May 2-8, American Humane Be Kind to Animals Week (celebrated since 1915, always first full week of May)   

May 2-8, National Pet Week (American Veterinary Medical Association – first full week in May) 

May 3-9, National Air Quality Awareness Week

May 3, National Specially-abled Pets Day

May 5, Cinco de Mayo or Cinco de Meow Day

May 8, Vet Nurse’s Day

May 8, National Animal Disaster Preparedness Day (second Saturday in May)

May 9, Mother’s Day

May 31, Memorial Day    

June 2021

Adopt-a-Cat Month (American Humane Association)

Adopt-a-Shelter-Cat Month (ASPCA)

National Pet Preparedness Month (Timed for the first month of hurricane season, urges people with pets to make preparations in case they should be hit by a disaster including making plans for what you would do with your cat in case of a hurricane, tornado, flood or other natural disaster)    

National Foster a Pet Month

National Micro chipping Month

 June 4, Hug Your Cat Day

June 6-12, Pet Appreciation Week (first week in June)

June 8, Best Friends Day

June 8, World Pet Memorial Day (second Saturday in June)

June 13-19, Animal Rights Awareness Week

June 14, Flag Day  

June 19, National Garfield the Cat Day

June 20, Father’s Day

June 21–25, Take Your Pet to Work Week

June 21, First Day of Summer

June 21, Take Your Cat to Work Day   

June 25, Cat World Domination Day

July 2021

National Lost Pet Prevention Month (Learn how to keep your pets from becoming lost in this month-long observance launched by PetHub)

National Pet Hydration Awareness Month

July 1, ID Your Pet Day

July 4, Independence Day

July 5, Pet Remembrance Day

July 6, International Kissing Day

July 11, All-American Pet Photo Day

July 15, National Pet Fire Safety Day (sponsored by the National Volunteer Fire Council (NVFC), ADT Security Services and the American Kennel Club (AKC)

July 21, National Craft for your Local Shelters Day

July 25, National Parents Day

July 31, National Mutt Day

August 2021

National Immunization Awareness Month

National Wellness Month

Rawgust (celebrating raw feeding for pets)

August 8, International Cat Day    

August 10, National Lazy Day

August 15, National Check the Chip Day (AVMA and the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) joined together to create Check the Chip Day)

August 17, National Black Cat Appreciation Day    

August 21, International Homeless Animals Day

August 22, National Take Your Cat to the Vet Day    

August 26, National Dog Day

August 28, Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day

August 30, National Holistic Pet Day   

September 2021

Happy Cat Month (established by the CATalyst Council)

National Disaster Preparedness Month (lead by FEMA’s Ready Campaign, Citizen Corps and The Advertising Council, this effort encourages individuals, families, businesses and communities to work together and take action to prepare for emergencies. Visit and for more info) 

Animal Pain Awareness Month

National Pet Insurance Month

Pet Sitter Education Month

September 1, Ginger Cat Appreciation Day

September 6, Labor Day

September 6, Rosh Hashanah begins

September 11, Patriot Day

September 12, National Pet Memorial Day (established by the International Association of Pet Cemeteries (IAPC) – second Sunday in September)  

September 13, Pet Birth Defect Awareness Day (a day dedicated to the issue of pet birth defects including information on identification, prevention and treatment)

September 15, Yom Kippur begins

September 19, National Meow Like a Pirate Day

September 19-25, Adopt a Less-Adoptable Pet Week (third week in September)

September 19-25, National Deaf Pet Awareness Week    

September 22, First Day of Fall    

September 25, World’s Largest Pet Walk

September 23, Remember Me Thursday

September 28, World Rabies Day (sponsored by the Global Alliance for Rabies Control)

October 2021

National Animal Safety and Protection Month      

National Book Month

National Pet Wellness Month    

October 3-9, Animal Welfare Week (AVMA – first Full Week of October)    

October 4, World Animal Day & World Pet Day

October 4, Feast of St Francis of Assisi (The feast commemorates the life of St Francis, who was born in the 12th century and is the Catholic Church’s patron saint of animals and the environment. It is a popular day for pets to be blessed)

October 12, National Pet Obesity Awareness Day   

October 17-23, National Veterinary Technician Week (sponsored by the National Association of Veterinary Technicians of America)   

October 16, National Feral Cat Day

October 16, Global Cat Day (previously Feral Cat Day, Alley Cat Allies)

October. 21, National Pets for Veterans Day

October 21, Cure4Cats Day (Winn Feline Foundation)

October 27, National Black Cat Day in the UK

October. 28, Plush Animal Lovers’ Day (perfect day to buy your pet a new squeaky toy)

October 29, National Cat Day    

October 31, Halloween    

November 2021

Senior Adopt a Senior Pet Month

National Pet Awareness Month    

National Senior Pet Month  

Pet Cancer Awareness Month

Pet Diabetes Month

November 1, National Cook for Your Pets Day

November 2, Election Day

November 7-13, National Animal Shelter & Rescue Appreciation Week (sponsored by the Humane Society of the US – first full week of November)    

November 7, Daylight Savings Time Ends

November 11, Veterans Day

November 17, National Take a Hike Day   

November 17, National Black Cat Day   

November 20, National Adoption Day

November 25, Thanksgiving    

November 26, Black Friday    

November 28, Hanukkah begins

November 29, Cyber Monday    

November 30, Giving Tuesday 

December 2021

National Cat Lovers’ Month

Safe Toys and Gifts Month

December 5, Volunteer Day

December 6, Hanukkah ends

December 9, International Day of Veterinary Medicine

December 15, National Cat Herder’s Day

December 21, First Day of Winter

December 25, Christmas

December 26, Kwanzaa begins

December 31, New Year’s Eve

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