Cat checks out Petmate toys which are ideal gifts for cats year round.

Petmate Toys Ideal Gifts for Cats Year-Round


Petmate Toys are ideal gifts for cats year-round. Here’s why.

Playtime is essential for cats, and what better way to fill that need than investing in Petmate Toys, ideal gifts for your cats year-round.

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Today, we are reviewing some of Petmate’s cat toys which were sent  to us at no cost in exchange for a review. We are going to look at:

  • JW’s® Flutter-ee Feathers™ Telescopic Cat Wand
  • Kickin’ and Lickin’ FAT CAT’s® Catch of the Day fish
  • FAT CAT’s® Lappy Toppy
Little Yellow checks out Petmate toys ideal gifts for cats year-round.

When shopping for cat toys, it’s important to find safe, appropriate toys for your cats. You don’t want to rush to the emergency room because kitty swallowed a huge amount of string that was not properly attached when kitty decides to lunge to ‘make the kill’ and swallows string and feather.

Satisfying this need is what makes Petmate toys deal gifts for cats year-round.

Why cats need play time?

Cats are motivated by their primal instincts:

  • To hunt
  • To catch
  • To kill
  • And to eat

If they don’t fulfill these needs and release this energy, they will find other way to satisfy this innate need, like scratching your furniture.

Cat Play Tips

You should play with your cat every day, even if it is only for 10 to 15 minutes. More is better, but some days, your busy schedule might limit how much time you can devote to kitty.

And don’t just throw a toy down on the floor for them, and run off to text, or be on social media. Be fully engaged. Take on the role of the bird, be the mouse, be the prey and run around with them.

When you’re playing with kitty, play hard for a short period of time. Then take a time-out, and move on to another spurt. This will wear kitty out and fulfill their basic needs.

Always remember, let them catch and kill. Cats have a short attention span, so let them catch and play with the toy. Then, throw it again,. The best game plan is a short burst of time for the hunt, then let them simmer down, then bring them up to a boil again (and so-on). Now your cat should be tired, and ready for a nap. 

Cat checks out Petmate toys which are ideal gifts for cats year round.
at checks out Petmate toys which are ideal gifts for cats year round.

Petmate Toys Ideal Gifts for Cats Year-Round

Petmate Toys ideal gifts for cat year-round. Petmate boasts of a whole selection of safe cat toys, including collections from Fat Cat, Jackson Galaxy and JW: Intelligent Designs. LazBoy, Pet Qwerks, and more. Tin addition to cat toys, they have a whole category devoted to cat travel.

Lenny says what’s this, as he checks out cat bed from FatCat.
Little Yellow thinks about taking a nap on this Fat Cat Big Mama nap station.

Safe toys for cats make ideal gifts

Before investing in cat toys, we need to ask a few questions:

  • Are these cat toys appropriate for cats?
  • Is this string toy safe for my cat?
  • If this feather toy secure and safe for kitty?
  • If this cat toy safe for my cat to chew on?

FAT CAT Catch Of The Day Cat Toy


14″ L x 2″ w x 4.8″ H

Product Weight

.13 LB


  • Purrrfectly sized for bunny kicks
  • Stuffed with 100% organic Zoom Around the Room catnip
  • Covered in durable canvas material

According to the product description,

  • These toys are available in two mischievous characters, Swim Shady (we received Swim Shady) and The Cod Father,
  • They are stuffed with 100% organic Zoom Around the Room® catnip that’ll drive your kitty bonkers. Measuring 14 inches long and covered in a durable canvas material, these Catch of the Day cat toys are perfect for bunny kicks, licks, and cuddles when playtime is over.


  • They are safe with the durable canvas covering
  • Cute, colorful design, making them fun for cat guardians
  • Size is large enough for kitty to roll around the floor and do rabbit-kicks
  • Organic catnip is safe
  • Catnip filled making toy enticing for cat to play with


  • You may need to engage kitty in play by playing toss
  • Your cat may be having so much fun, it will be hard to get a great photo of kitty playing with this cool toy

Paws find that Fat Cat® is on a mission to ‘Make People and Their Pets Laugh’ using innovative cat and dog products, creative designs, and a funky sense of humor. You might be as entertained as your pet with these toys.

At Paws, we certainly were. When my tabby cat Lenny tossed the toy into a cardboard box laying on it’s side, he went beside himself. Watching him bounce around that box with the toy was like watching him chase his tail inside the box. It was hysterical, and better than any comic flick I’ve seen on TV of late.

Now that you’ve worm kitty out playing, it time for a nap on the super cool

Big Mama low-tech Nap Station: The Lappy Toppy

With Features like a Sort of Ergonomically designed Mousey and extra soft Foam for Kitty naptime, The Lappy Toppy is the new MUST-HAVE for every Tach Savvy kittys playtime.

FAT CAT’s® Lappy Toppy is a large cat mat made from durable canvas and filled with fluffy foam and organic catnip that kitties love rolling around and laying on.

You can lay it down flat, or flip it open like a real laptop for your cat to lounge and nap on. (Paws wonders whether kitty could roll up on this, rather than trying to nap on my computer keyboard. We’ll have to do further research on this.) The dangling mouse gives your kitty something to paw at and play with as he settles in for a cat nap.


14″ L x 11″ W x 1.5″ H

Product Weight

.26 LB


  • Filled with fluffy foam & organic Zoom Around the Room catnip
  • Lays down flat or up like a real laptop
  • Dangling mouse adds extra fun
  • Great for cat naps


  • Filled with fluffy foam making it comfy for kitty to sleep on
  • Organic Zoom Around the Room catnip makes it safe
  • Dangling mouse give something for kitty to play with
  • Super cool design makes it fun for hoomans
  • Flips into a laptop or can lay it out flat, making it versatile for various spaces like in front of a window to soak up those sun puddles


  • Might be a tad small for a really large cat

JW’s® Flutter-ee Feathers™ Telescopic Cat Wand

This deluxe wand features an upgraded telescopic design that extends up to 4 feet for play, and then easily contracts for compact, organized storage. The real feather attachment at the end of the wand flutters in the air like real prey giving your cat a life-like experience as you make it fly through the air.


Extends Up to 4ft.

Product Weight

.3 LB


  • Premium grade cord for optimal performance during play
  • Extends up to 4 ft. for play
  • Integrated cord lock design
  • Easy grip deluxe handle


  • Length making it easy to entice kitty to cat and kill
  • Deluxe handle makes it easy to adjust positions from air to floor
  • Premium grade cord makes it sturdy and safe
  • Floats through the air like a bird, grabbing your cat’s attention
  • Versatile length makes entices cat’s attention
  • Gives your cat a complete workout from running, jumping, and catching
  • Satisfies the need to hunt, to catch, to kill and to eat.


  • It is a feather toy, which some claim may pose a safety hazard to your cat

We are also adding a video of kitties playing with these toys. Check it out.

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You can find these toys on Amazon, and we ask you click the links above to purchase them so you can enjoy them as much as we did at Paws News for Cat Lovers. To keep abreast of the latest in cat news and cat tourism, sign up for our email address and receive your free copy of How to Stop Your Cat from Destroying Your Sofa.

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