Photo of book 2020" A Cat Odessey

2020: A Cat Odyssey, the pandemic through eyes of 2 cats


2020: A Cat Odyssey takes us back into a year many might like to forget, 2020 – a year of the unpredictable and unprecedented life with a pandemic.

Photo of book 2020" A Cat Odessey
2020: A Cat Odyssey takes us back through 2020 through a cat’s eyes.

Today, we are reviewing this super cool can-tastic book at takes us back through 2020 – a year that many would say was cat-astrophic, cat-stounding, and like going through one of our cat’s nine lives. (While there were many good parts to 2020, it was not one many of us would care to repeat.)

Believe it or not, 2020 started as a normal year. Brush fires were burning out of control in Australia. Prince Harry and Meghan officially stepped back from official royal duties. But as March came round, things changed. Masks, hand-sanitizers, social distancing, stay at home, work from home, pandemic, COVID-19, lockdown, quarantine, pandemic, essential workers, and safeguard became new terms that crafted a new shape for our lives. We went from traveling to meetings and conferences to sitting in front of a computer and gathering through zoom.

Cat dividing line on 11 safe ways to reduce static electricity in cats

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Cat dividing line on 11 safe ways to reduce static electricity in cats

Author Nina Neefe successfully created a combination history book, yearbook, poem, and cat book told through the lives of two cats, Simon and Mulan.

This 40-page book is beautifully illustrated by magical, photographic digital artistry by Tomas Haki. By the way, this is the second book he has illustrated with her, creating a total magical story of her cats.

This book is a quirky, rhyming historical chronicle of that strange chapter of our lives called 2020.  It is a peculiar journey back through a challenging year recalling the big and little moments that made it unpredictable and unprecedented, heartbreaking for some, and life changing for others. 

Do we all remember the toilet paper shortage, and empty shelves at the supermarket? Who would have imagined?

Inspired by a child by rhyming books, they became a favorite of her two daughters and her four grandchildren. Their love for Dr. Seuss made them all unanimously vote for Nina to write in a similar style. In her promotional material, she quotes Dr. Seuss which sums up:

If you never did you should. These things are fun, and fun is good!

Dr. Seuss

To read more about Dr. Seuss check out our blog post:

Get Your Cat Fix at the Dr Seuss Museum

Why Do YOU Need This Book?

Neefe says, ‘People often say “I need to make a photo album of that trip… or event.” Well, for most of us, 2020 was, and hopefully will remain, the craziest year of our lifetime — of a generation!  This is your YEARBOOK to remember this unexpected and bizarre year and to pass on to future generations.  

As you take this trip down memory lane, you will be surprised at the some of the tidbits you may have already forgotten… and be reminded of the heartwarming lessons of this historical pandemic era. 

She has an outline of important dates, as well as a glossary of new terms, we all learned in 2020. At the back of the book, there is a Personal Diary page where you can record your own 2020 memorable moments and events. 

There is no doubt, the favorite part is the cats telling their story as they outline their journey, which does resemble a space odyssey into unknown and unchartered territory.

While the book is can-tastic, the book trailer is out of this world, and we are including a link here as you will not want to miss out on this humorous rendition of 2020.

About the author

Sherri Neefe, was renamed ‘Nina’ by her grandchildren. After retiring from a long career in the title insurance industry, she discovered her real passion—being a grandparent.

She and her husband relocated from San Diego to Napa Valley in Northern California to be closer to our grown daughters and growing family. After immersing themselves into learning about the Bay Area and making it home, they adopted two adorable kittens from the Napa Animal Shelter. Simon and Mulan became the inspiration for NINA’S CAT TALES, her series of children’s books:

  • Mulan’s Big Adventure’
  • Fantastical Cat Adventures
  • And now 2020: A Cat Odyssey

For a great gift for young and old alike, check out 2020: A Cat Odyssey. Pre-sales are being taken out at Presale Campaign Link here:  2020: A Cat Odyssey February Launch. You also may pre-order on Nina’s website.

Cat dividing line on 11 safe ways to reduce static electricity in cats

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  1. Leah Avatar

    This does look like a really interesting book indeed! Purrs and Meows from the kitties and me!

  2. Nina Neefe Avatar
    Nina Neefe

    You are a very cool cat for giving such a CAT-TASTICAL review 🙂

    1. BJ Bangs Avatar
      BJ Bangs

      Well deserved. It was a very cool book!

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