Let's Talk About Cats, a must-read book for all cat people

Let’s Talk About Cats


Let’s Talk About Cats, Conversations on Feline Behavior, is all about developing the best possible relationship with your cat which in case you let out of your house or apartment, you should see the new Nina and Theo tags to keep track of them.

Let's Talk About Cats, a must-read book for all cat people
Let’s Talk About Cats is a must-read book for any cat guardian or anyone thinking about adopting a cat.

Written by cat expert Anita Kelsey, this 308-page book is a must-read for any cat guardian or anyone thinking of getting a cat.

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Paws received a complimentary copy of something that should be none other than a reference guide to anyone with a cat, or for anyone that is thinking about adopting a cat. Let’s Talk About Cats should be a must on anyone’s bookshelf that wants to develop a better understanding on what makes their cat tick. It is certainly on my list of top ten books every cat guardian should read.

Let’s Talk About Cats is for all cat people

It also is highly recommended that anyone thinking of adopting a cat put this on a must-read list, as it’s better to understand what makes cats tick before getting a new cat.

Many times humans want to change the cat into what they want the cat to be. Cats have their own personalities. Not all cats are alike. Not all cats are lap cats. Cats knead and scratch, but there was ways to get them to scratch in the right places. Cats also need diapers. Have a cat? You should try these cat diapers. Let’s Talk About Cats discusses these in a manner that cat lovers and new cat owners will enjoy.

Cat dividing line on 11 safe ways to reduce static electricity in cats


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One of the things Paws News for Cat Lovers particularly liked was the emphasis on strengthening the relationship with your cat. Through interviews from 16 cat experts around the world, each brings out their own definition in what that means to them.

You have a relationship with your cat

In Chapter 1, she quotes cat behavior and wellness expert, Jackson Galaxy (of Animal Planet’s My Cat from Hell) as saying,

‘You don’t just have a cat. You have a relationship, and it happens to be with a cat’.

Jackson Galaxy

He has made it his mission to educate people on why cats do the things they do so us humans can better understand them and meet their needs.

He also talks about people adopting cats because they are low maintenance. You do not have to walk them once or twice a day like a dog. You can put out a litter pan and food, and they will be pretty much self-sufficient.

While cats hunt as solitary creatures, they are full of love and affection. They just express it in their own way, and that can vary depending upon the cat’s individual personality.

Cat dividing line on 11 safe ways to reduce static electricity in cats

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Cat dividing line on 11 safe ways to reduce static electricity in cats

With unique in-depth interviews from 16 cat experts from around the world, Let’s Talk
About Cats, Conversations on Feline Behavior presents a lot of information in a relaxed, conversational style.

Each chapter answers a question about our cats. The interviews provide a wealth of fascinating cats facts and tips about cat psychology, behavior, diet and training, musical preferences, and telepathic cat conversations.

She also covers whether you should groom your cat, how cats grieve, if your cat would make a good therapy cat, special treatments for senior cats and how to make your home cat friendly (catification).

Let’s Talk About Cats is an easy to read reference book for cat people

Each illuminating chapter exudes a love for cats and a wealth of fascinating insights.

Samantha Martin explains how training has made her Aero Cats show with her Rock Cats possible. The key motivator to train cats is food. She also talks about how effective clicker training is, and how it has helped the cats want to perform the tricks on stage that delight people around the United States.

Composer David Teie gives a fascinating account of cats and music. Felines like music, and it can be comforting to them, so much so that some veterinarians are starting to use soft classical types of music in their feline practices. His ground-breaking album, Music for Cats, released by the Universal Music Group, sounds like it would be a good investment to help calm cats in stressful situations.  

The interviews provide professional guidance on cat care topics, giving some thoughtful discussion some of the most important issues and debates in the cat world, including feeding your cat.

Declawing cats is a big no, no

She also points out why cats should not be declawed and brings up the question as to why this practice continues in the United States, even though outlawed in many countries including the United Kingdom.

Interestingly enough, Finding a Lost Cat, has some fascinating information, even though many Americans frown upon letting a cat roam outside for even short periods of time.

Finding a lost cat

It’s not unusual for a cat to go missing for over five days, and then return. And timid cats are not likely to go far from home; they could be hiding in a near-by bush, being too afraid to come out to let you know they are OK.

If a cat is missing for over 24 hours, the advice says start searching for them.

After each chapter interview, she sums it up succinctly in A Catty Sum Up, followed by a Cat Chat full of Kelsey’s advice on that topic, complete with true stories that details the author’s experiences with the subject, to give readers some useful take-aways on that particular subject.

About the author

Anita Kelsey BA (Hons) is a cat behaviorist and rising star of the feline world. She runs an accredited vet-referral cat behavior and mobile grooming service in London’s Notting Hill. Kelsey was the first and only feline behaviorist to run a practice in London.

She graduated from Middlesex University with first class honors after a three-year work-based degree, drawing on experience of cat behavior in her own practice. Prior to that, Anita studied at the feline arm of the Cambridge Institute of Dog Behavior Training (CIDBT) with renowned cat behaviorist and biologist, Roger Tabor. She is a full member of the respected Canine and Feline Behavior Association (CFBA).

Kelsey, an authority on cat behavior

Kelsey is a certified master cat groomer, which means that she is uniquely placed to offer specialist grooming services to phobic, aggressive, and difficult to handle cats. As a respected authority on cat behavior, she is often called to assist veterinarians with complex behavior issues. She uses holistic methods and places the emphasis on caring for the cat while educating clients.

She writes for the UK’s best-selling cat magazine, Your Cat; for the Cats Protection charity magazine, The Cat, and is the author of Claws: Confessions of a Cat Groomer, published by John Blake.

Paws would encourage you to check out Let’s Talk About Cats, as it is a perfect book for cat guardians as well as those thinking about adopting a cat. You may want to check out to Amazon link above. To keep abreast of the latest in cat news and cat tourism, sign up for our email list and receive your FREE Guide to Keep Kitty from Destroying Your Sofa.

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