Celebrating Cats All Year Long


Celebrating Cats All Year Long, or by each season – you have your choice. You can purchase the entire five-book series, or just one.

Peaches & Paprika, two calico cats of distinction and Facebook celebrities, found 100 fun and crazy holidays to celebrate throughout the year. This five-book series takes in the quirky, as well as the traditional holidays. We find the calicos riding on kites on National Kite Day, and drinking safe wine (desired just for cats) on National Wine Day.

Cat dividing line on 11 safe ways to reduce static electricity in cats


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Celebrating Cats All Year Long takes in all the holidays, but if you are looking for a shorter, more condensed version geared toward a particular season, these two crazy calico cats have your back. Author Carol Lowbeer has put together:

  • Peaches & Paprika Winter Celebrations
  • Peaches & Paprika Spring Celebrations
  • Peaches & Paprika Summer Celebrations
  • Peaches & Paprika Autumn Celebrations

Celebrating Cats in Spring

Spring Celebrations, covering the months of April, May and June was recently released, February 2021. This would make a delightful gift on Easter or Mother’s Day for the cat people in your life. And let’s not forget birthdays and Father’s Day for those cat loving dudes.

In April, the two calicos celebrate National Hairstylist Day where they try on some super cool hairdo’s. In May, the cat don nurses uniforms for Nurses’ Day.

In June, there’s National Kissing Day, and the two, who often are at odds with one another – as most siblings are – give one another a begrudging kiss.

Can you image what these two mischievous felines can do on Walk on the Wild Side Day, Love a Tree Day, May Day, Earth Day and National Pet Parents Day?

Cat dividing line on 11 safe ways to reduce static electricity in cats

Check out Paws list of cat holidays, and while very thorough, we don’t have Celebration’s quirky holidays.

The Celebration series is a breath of fresh air, taking us to a world of humor and wild imagination, far away from the stresses and strains of our everyday lives. We can just imagine what it would be like to be having as much fun as these two kitties.

Celebrating Cats in Summer

In the Summer Celebrations, the two charming tiger calicos of Facebook fame celebrate some fun and unique summer holidays taking place in July, August and September. In July the cats celebrate National Hammock Day and Ice Cream Day.

August brings delicious holidays such as National Marshmallow Day and Kiss and Make Up Day.

Celebrating Cats in Autumn

September finds the two cats looking fierce on Meow Like a Pirate Day, a special cat holiday. Cats might have been pirates for all we know. After-all, they were employed as mousers on some of the earliest ocean voyagers, keeping the rodents away from the food needed to keep the sailors in sea worthy shape.

Traditional holidays such as Independence Day and Labor Day are observed as well.

Needless to say, these two cats get super excited to dress up for Halloween, and show their patriotism on Veteran’s Day. But did you know Nov. 12 is National Happy Hour Day? That’s one to put on the calendar.

Peaches & Paprika’s Winter Celebrations

In The Winter Celebrations, we find National Goof Off Day (March 22) and you can imaging these kitties leaning back, being silly and enjoying their leisure.

On March 16, Happy Worldwide Quilting Day pictures the mischievous cats with their kitties have their own quilt. Who would have guessed? Wonder who made it?

On National Jewel Day, March 13, we find these two capricious calicos dressed in very exotic jewels, fit for a queen. But then again, cats think they are goddesses, so why wouldn’t they dress up like royalty?

And on March 6, National Dentist’s Day, author Carol Lowbeer asks, ‘What if you looked up for your dentist’s chair, and noticed your dentists were cats?’ It would be quite a surprise to say the least.

Oh, so many cat celebrations

Of course, we have the traditional holidays, like St. Patrick’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and New Years Day, but did you know January 2 is National Hangover Day, and we find Peaches and Paprika recovering from too much Meowijuana. (They should have known better.)

There are also celebrations for National Button Day, Mitten Tree Day, Christmas Tree Day, and Poinsetta Day. We join the mischievous duo as they get all a twitter over shopping on Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and get ready for an exciting holiday season as they wish everyone a Happy Catmus and Catukah!

There’s oh so many more holidays, and we suggest you get your copy of Peaches & Paprika’s Celebration series so you can be sure to observe all these fun holidays with your cats or your human friends. Your humans are bound to be impressed cause I’ll bet they never heard of some of these quirky celebrations.

All Celebration Books are delightfully illustrated as we find Peaches and Paprika going on a balloon ride. going camping, paddling a canoe, celebrating Popcorn Day.

Peaches absolutely relishes a couple of days named after her: Peaches & Cream Day and Peach Pie Day. She really thinks they were named after her.

This book makes a perfect small gift for an animal lover or for any seasonal occasion. It is part of a series which includes the other three seasons of the year.

About the author

Carol Lowbeer, a photographer, was born in Oklahoma and lived in New York, Boston, Atlanta, Cincinnati, Paris and Nassau, Bahamas before settling in scenic Connecticut.

Formerly concentrating on wildlife and special events, Carol began to focus her photography efforts on pets in 2012 when she fell in love with her two charming tiger calicos.

Carol is a member of Cat Writers Association and also created a ‘cat series’ for a local community TV station featuring therapy cats, cat reiki, fat cats, and some unusual cat sanctuaries. She volunteers with photography at several local cat shelters.

Carol enjoys combining words, photos and music. In 2015 she started the cats’ Peaches & Paprika blog and popular Facebook Page which features their colorful adventures in photographs, photo cartoons, video and other media.

Peaches & Paprika special events

Readers enthusiastically participate and often join Peaches & Paprika in special parades, slideshows and other holiday events. Recent celebrations include National Kite Flying Day, ‘Cats Just Wanna Wear Masks’ parade, ‘Gurrrl Cats Beauty Pageant’, ‘Kitty Mama’ Day and ‘Undercover Cats’.

Her first introductory book, ‘Peaches and Paprika’s First Year in Connecticut’ gives readers a background on the two popular Facebook cats which includes their history in three shelters, narrow death row encounters, homecoming adventures, and special quirks.

Formerly, Carol worked in the hotel, financial services, and marketing fields. Now CEO of Caroleena Photography & Visual Arts, LLC as well as a graphologist through her sister company, The Handwriting Detective, she divides her time between writing, photography and lectures.

Have you met the Facebook celebreties, Peaches & Paprika? If not, you should check them out. They have absolutely delightful slide shows and soooo very entertaining. To keep abreast of the latest cat news, sign up for our email list below and get your FREE Guide to Stop Your Cat from Destroying Your Sofa.

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