Lwnny checks out Emerging Green Disposable Cat Box

Why use a disposable litter box?


Why use a disposable litter box? As the world focuses on becoming more eco-friendly to address climate change, we need to think about environmentally friendly options for our cats, too.

That’s why Paws was delighted to have an opportunity to review the Emerging Green Disposable Litter Box.

PIn of cat checking out Emerging Green's Disposable Litter Box

We had never used a disposable litter box before, and frankly, were not very familiar with them. We were curious as to what a litter box made out of recycled paper would even look like, say anything about how well it would perform.

Cat dividing line on 11 safe ways to reduce static electricity in cats

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Cat dividing line on 11 safe ways to reduce static electricity in cats

Disposable cat boxes may not be for everyone, or for every situation. But they certainly can have some advantages over regular litter boxes, and in some cases, they can work to augment the boxes your cats already have.

Lwnny checks out Emerging Green Disposable Cat Box
Lenny checks out Emerging Green’s Disposable Litter Box, and he says it’s ok.
Emerging Green’s Disposable Cat Boxes can be idea for traveling.

Unlike the standard litter boxes which are made of clay or silica gel, the disposable ones are mostly paper-based, biodegradable and good for landfills. Paper also can control odors quite well.

This material is safe for landfills because it is disposable and biodegradable shortly. Paper is also breathable and provides a comfortable feeling for your cats. Plus, it can control odors quite well. However, the paper may not hold liquid for a long period of time despite being coated with wax or other waterproof materials.

How long do disposable litter boxes last?

It depends on the size, the material, and the number of cats sharing the litter boxes.

On average for one cat use, a box can last for around three or four weeks. To lengthen the lifespan of the box, you can scoop the litter out more frequently and check for possible breaks or scratches.

Cat checks out disposable cat box from Emerging Green
Little Yellow is pictured with Emerging Green’s Disposable Litter Cat Box. He likes the idea of an extra box in the house.

When to use the disposable litter box?

Disposable litter boxes can be helpful for busy pet owners who do not have time to scoop out the waste frequently. The box will help control odors without scooping as frequently as with a regular litter box. While it says you can use the box up to four weeks, Paws would not suggest doing this. Scooping at least once a week will keep the box acceptable for your cat.

  • In the house: Disposable litter boxes can be used as a standalone cat litter box. It only needs cat litter. The litter box can be simply throw away if it is broken or dirty.
  • Inside a standard litter box: You can also place a disposable litter box in a standard litter box. It offers extra protection and odor control. It is especially useful if you have an older cat or a young kitten. Using a disposable litter box as a base helps to keep the litter dry and to extend the durability. You keep the standard litter box also scratch-free.
  • Second or back-up litter box: A second litter box is always easy. Most people have a standard litter box in the house, but a disposable litter box as a second or backup can be very handy. If you have a cat who is sick or uncomfortable when sharing the litter box with other pets at home, you can use a disposable litter box. Get it dirty quickly, or if it starts to smell bad, you can throw it away immediately.

Cats are pretty finicky when it comes to their litter boxes, and do you blame them? Who wants to use a dirty bathroom?

Why use a disposable litter box when traveling?

A disposable litter box is easy to carry if you are going to travel or if the cat is temporarily staying somewhere else.

Made of recycled paper or cardboard, disposable litter boxes are lightweight and portable, allowing you to bring one or two pieces of the box in your luggage. Then, you can simply throw the dirty ones away before returning home.

Emerging Green’s Disposable Litter Box

Now let’s take a look at the specifics of the Emerging Green Disposable Litter Box.

BrandEmerging Green
Size16.4 x 12.5 inch
Target SpeciesCat, Rabbit

In their product literature, Emerging Green cites the following benefits.

  • CONVENIENCE – Makes your life easy. Simply replace the disposable litter box when necessary
  • ECO FRIENDLY – This litter tray is made from agricultural plant material and it’s compostable
  • EFFECTIVE – The dropping pan is able to reduce odor and serve as a litter box liner
  • VALUE – This pack of 5 high-quality paper litter box can last you for more than a month
  • DURABLE – The cat litter box does not leak, tear or shred
The product sells on Amazon for$29.80 for five, coming to $5.96 / box.

Check out our link below.


  • Eco-friendly
  • Just fill the box
  • Low sides, ideal for senior cats or kittens
  • Convenience


  • Not recyclable
  • Need to be replaced every month or so
  • Not very attractive
  • It may take some time for the cat to adjust to the new box

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4 responses to “Why use a disposable litter box?”

  1. Summer Avatar

    We always have some sort of disposable litter boxes onhand, since I am a traveling kitty. (Although I took a year off because of Covid, I’m sure I’ll be on the road again soon!)

    1. BJ Bangs Avatar
      BJ Bangs

      Summer: I hope you are on the road soon. It’s nice to be at home, but enough is enough. And disposable litter boxes seem ideal for travel.

  2. Ellen Pilch Avatar
    Ellen Pilch

    Sounds like a great idea. I have too many cats and the litter would be too expensive, but for those with one or 2 cats it would be good.

    1. BJ Bangs Avatar
      BJ Bangs

      It seems like a good idea, especially for those traveling with their cats. Disposable litter boxes would be a bit pricey for many, many cats, but might be an option if one of the older cats is soaking the box.

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