If you are sick of the dating game, this book could be ideal for you.

Sick of the dating game? Meet the purr-fect soulmate


Are you sick of the dating game? Then, Who Needs Men, I’ve Got Cats’, is the ideal book to read.

If you are looking for a perfect soulmate, and love cats, you just have to meet Siam, a humanized cat who is everything a gal could ask for.

He walks on the beach, goes to fancy restaurants, knows when to shut up, and even serves breakfast in bed. Autumn, a gal with everything, is sick of wasting time with bores and geeks. And then she meets Siam, her perfect soulmate.

What’s even better is Who Needs Men, I’ve Got Cats recently (Summer 2022) won a Certificate of Excellence Award from the prestigious International Cat Writers Association and received the coveted Muse Medallion later that fall. Paws was thrilled by this great honor for a great book.

Are you sick of the dating game? Who Needs Men, I’ve Got Cats could be the ideal book for you.

If you are sick of the dating game, Who Needs Men, I’ve Got Cats could be for you

So let’s get back to the book, which is my first, but definitely not my last.

Who Needs Men, I’ve Got Cats is ideal for those looking for the purr-fect soulmate, but are sick of the dating game.

Have you been searching for the perfect soulmate, but find all you meet are duds: too boring, too geeky, too loud and boisterous, too conceited and impressed with themselves, or just not very bright.

This is true for both men, women, and gay couples. Finding that special person is just not that easy, and it is sometimes downright impossible. And they are downright sick and tired of the dating game.

A humorous parody about dating, a well-educated, well-traveled gal finds her perfect match, a cat – not just any cat, but one who is handsome, bright, and is all too happy to walk on the beach, go for an afternoon picnic, and even serve her breakfast in bed. Even though he is different (after all he is a humanized cat), Autumn is mesmerized by Siam the minute she meets him.

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While being sick of the dating game, Autumn agrees to go to a friend’s engagement party where her friend Kate wants her to meet Siam, who she believes will be her perfect match.

Autumn grudgingly accepts the invitation, and she is shocked to find he is the center of attention at the party, with others eagerly hanging on his every word. Once Kate introduces them, the night just flies by as they dance, laugh, and become entranced with one another’s goals, ambitions, and everyday lives

Photo Gallery of Author BJ Bangs and her beloved Siamese Linus

More about Who Needs Men, I’ve Got Cats, ideal for those sick of the dating game

He is a Siamese philanthropist who helps other cats at a shelter; she is a news reporter/writer who meets all kinds of people in high, and not-so-high places.

Read the rest of the story to see how it turns out, but it’s all good – the kind of too-good-to-be-true we all dream could become a reality.

Yes, Paws, otherwise known as BJ, wants to let you know, that the idea for this book has been brewing for over a decade. While the concept morphed from one idea to the next, it came to me after adopting my two incredulous Siamese cats, Tubby and Linus who changed my life.

‘Their unconditional, unending love and acceptance was something I’d unsuccessfully craved my whole life.

‘I lost one of the Siamese, Tubby, early on, diagnosed with the fatal disease, FIP.

‘Linus was one of a kind, a true Velcro cat. He died April 10, 2020, in the midst of the COVID-19 lockdown from complications from diabetes. ‘The book is written in his memory.

Illustrator Imashi Opatha of Comic Factory Productions in Sri Lanka did an exceptional job of capturing the essence of his being.’ I can’t thank her enough for capturing the essence of how wonderful Linus was and continues to be in my heart.

The book, the first in the ‘I’ve Got Cats’ series, is available in paperback on Amazon. Paperback copies are also available through direct sales at www.bjbangs.net/books.

About the Author:

I am an award-winning blogger/journalist, communications professional, and photographer. I write about cat news and cat tourism at www.bjbangs.net (Paws Catmosphere for Cat Lovers). As the proud human guardian of many cats over the years, she is committed to letting people know how great cats are for us physically and emotionally. “Who Needs Men, I’ve Got Cats” is dedicated to one of those cats, a Traditional Siamese Cat, Linus, who was the love of my life.

Just a little more info. I have been published in national cat magazines, including CFA’s CatTalk, and the former Cat Fancy. Additionally, I have been published online at Catster.com. Additionally, I am the proud recipient of the coveted Cat Writer’s Association’s Muse Medallion and the 2017 Winn Feline Foundation’s Media Award for her work with Feline Fix by Five.

If you want to find out more about my writing, read some of our other posts about cat themed vacations and events ideal for the cat-obsessed looking to get their big dose of cat while on vacation.