Cat Facts & Tips

Knowing cat facts helps cats stay happy and healthy. We share tips about knowing when you should call the vet and be sure your kitty stays safe.

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Frequently Asked Cat Questions About Cats

Does my cat love me?

Yes, your cat loves you, unconditionally. They do not judge you by how you look or how much money you have. But, you need to treat them well to keep their trust.

Why does my cat wake me up at 3 am?

Cats are creatures of habit. They are most active at dusk and dawn, though we might not always see it that way. That’s what they call crepuscular because they’re most active during the hours of dawn and dusk (also known as low light hours) Try to play with your cat before bedtime so they will sleep and give you a good night’s rest.

What are the most popular tourist attractions for cat lovers?

The Ernest Hemingway Museum in Key West, FL attracts thousands to see the descendants of his polydactyl Maine Coon Cats. The Feline Cat Museum in Alliance, Ohio is also high on the list.

How do you know if your cat is sick?

Observe your cat. Are they eating, drinking, and using their litter box? Are they moving a bit slower? The best way to know if your cat is sick is by noticing changes in their behavior. Then, be sure to make an appointment with your veterinarian to have your kitty checked out.

Why do I miss my cat so much now he’s gone?

Cats are not just cats, they are members of your family. It’s okay to mourn the loss of your beloved friend.