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Crime Scene Investigator: Solve Your Cat’s Litter Box Mystery

Crime Scene Investigator: Solve Your Cat’s Litter Box Mystery, written by Dusty Rainbolt, is almost an encyclopedia full of everything you ever wanted to know about a cat’s litter box issues.

Litter box issues are the number one reason people surrender their pets, and Dusty does a tremendous job outlining various health and behavior issues that could be the culprit.

Book Review

Solve Your Cat's Litter Box Mystery

Crime Scene Investigator: Solve Your Cat’s Litter Box Mystery

Even though our cats have moved into our hearts and families, they are not little people. They are cats. Years ago, they learned to use the giant sand box of the Sahara Desert to do their ‘business’. They still like a litter box texture that’s just like that fine sand. That’s why community cats just love kids’ sand boxes as litter boxes.

Every multi-cat owner should have one box for every cat, plus one. Additionally, the litter boxes should not be stowed away in the basement or garage. They should be strategically placed throughout the house where kitty can easily access them. An older arthritic cat may not be able to make it to the basement without a lot of pain.



Catlantus is an amusing cat tale of magical proportions

Catlantis is an amusing cat tale of magical proportions

Catlantis is an amusing cat tale of magical proportions. A love-struck house cat risks his life through magical time travel to prove his love to the amazing stay, Purriana.

The book, ‘Catlantis’, by Anna Starobinets is translated from the Russian version by Jane Burgaeva. It is a tale of how Baguette, an inside cat living with the Petrov family, finds himself traveling through time to a far off place called Catlantis. He is a descendant of the magical Catlanteans, and is instructed to bring back a Catlantic flower to prove his love to the alley cat, Purriana. Every night Baguette would purrenade her from the 12th floor of his Russian apartment. He was definitely in love, and wanted to do whatever it took to win the heart of his Purriana.

As the book takes on the age-old dichotomy of good and bad, the white cats become white or good magic. Conversely, the black cats are bad and evil with black magic.

Like Atlantis,Catlantis sinks into the ocean with its beautiful white cats, black cats, ginger cats, gray cats, striped and spotted cats. The cats; however, are not destroyed. They live on in time, and  make up the ever powerful Council of Six that has come down through the ages and still rules the cat hierarchy.


Blink tells how pets and decisions change lives

Blink tells how pets and decisions change lives

Blink tells how pets and decisions change lives

A pet’s unconditional life can transform your life, and author RUE BRYANT, AKA Stacey Ritz, incorporates this in Blink, a tale of how making choices at critical stages of your life can alter the face of your life, at least temporarily. After having dated Jordan Weiner for some 4 years, Casey Jane is ready to tie the knot. She had lived with Jordan for over a year, and was having major trepidations about their upcoming marriage. She had good reasons for having doubts.

Their year living together had been consumed by planning for their wedding. She was starting to see into the future, having a gut feeling that would dramatically unfold in their marriage. Her husband to be was controlling, work-centric, and all for show. Their relationship was a sham and only for show. There was no  fun or communication. Casey was losing her identity and individualism in a relationship without love.

Unlike her rebellious sister Trish, Casey was brought up to do what you were supposed to do. That led her to the story of her wedding day.

Pets & decisions changed Casey’s life

Blink diverges like a mystery with 2 different endings. We’ve seen these played out at the theater. In one scenario, Casey marries Jordan, to become Kitty Weiner. She loses not only her last name, but her first. She works in an unfulfilled job as a teacher. She has no close friends. She puts on a front for her parents.

Initially, she thinks she’s pregnant, but later finds she’s not. Perhaps that leads her to go through with the marriage, which goes from bad to worse. Jordan is so self-centered, he doesn’t bother to share the joy over a new baby with her. Instead he shares her pregnancy news with his parents, leaving her alone.

The fighting goes from bad to worse



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Homer, The Ninth Life of a Blind Wonder Cat, helps his mission live on

Homer, The Ninth Life of a Blind Wonder Cat, helps his mission live on

Homer, The Ninth Life of a Blind Wonder Cat lives on, perhaps forever. This amazing cat became famous through his human Gwen Cooper’s bestselling book ‘Homer’s Odyssey’, bringing much-needed attention to how special a blind cat can be.

After his death, he became infamous, and Cooper tells just how much so in her 115-page sequel, ‘Homer, The Ninth Life of a Blind Wonder Cat’ available at

It’s a fascinating perspective about book publishing promotion, pet loss and the power of social media. Had Paws for Reflection read the sequel, perhaps we would not be blogging, as the countless photo shoots, interviews, and attention Homer received would have been unfathomable. We frequently point to reading Homer’s story as a catalyst for taking writing about cats to a whole new level.

We can just picture the humor, the fear, the loss, and the rebuilding that are painted through words in his sequel.

The story takes on a humorous twist, becomes humorous as Homer, initially thrilled by all the attention, becomes so bored with photo shoots that Cooper’s husband Laurence has to run cross town in Manhattan to find his most special food to bribe him to cooperate. He’s become so used to the attention that it has become a Big Bore, and he chooses to take a nap rather than pose for one more photo shoot.

We can only imagine Homer aging and losing his best feline friends, Vashti and Scarlett, who had been a part of his life since Cooper took him home when he was only a few weeks old. Homer, also hated going to the veterinarian. In a tear- jerking saga, Homer becomes very ill, so much so that he can barely move. When the emergency vet tells her to stay in the waiting room as they examine him, she tells of a blood curdling scream coming from out back. It’s Homer. Being blind, he had no way of knowing what was happening. He was terrified. His human never leaves him alone with a vet again. Sadly, Homer is diagnosed with terminal liver disease, and we travel down Cooper’s year-long end of life journey with her very special feline.



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All Nine Lives, The Extraordinary Life of Buffy the Cat

Making the Most of All Nine Lives, The Extraordinary Life of Buffy the Cat is laugh out loud funny

‘Making the Most of All Nine Lives: The Extraordinary Life of Buffy the Cat’ portrays just how humanly adventurous this one in a million cat, Buffy, is as he poses in some extraordinary places for his human, Paul Smulson. These unbelievable pictures take on even more significance as Award Winning pet lifestyle expert, author and radio, TV and pet industry personality, Sandy Robins pens one after another yarn into a laugh out loud event and a must-have book for any true cat lover.

Could we find as much humor on the thousands of cat posts all over the Internet? This 128-page book tells funny cat stories straight from the cat’s mouth, and he excels with both his wit and his prowess.

Extraordinary Life of Buffy the Cat

When reading this book, Paws’ mom’s jaw went agape at Buffy posing as a pilot the cockpit of an airplane. How could he even get there, say anything about pose so calmly in his pilot attire?

On the golf course, how could Buffy hold the golf club? How could he do a karate chop? From Passover to the Ale House, Paws was amazed, wondering how he could do that. If these are real cat life situations. We wondered, how could Buffy mold into so many human situations like he was indeed a human?

Robins documents how Buffy managed to trade hairballs for golf balls, scratching posts for the ‘Evening Post’ and stopped meowing yawns in favor of mowing lawns. Buffy says, ‘I’ve always felt that I never received enough attention (one of my pet peeves), so I decided to transition from litter box to literature with this new tale of the tabby.’



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