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Cat Mojo 3

Jackson Galaxy’s Total Cat Mojo

Jackson Galaxy’s ‘Total Cat Mojo’ is The Ultimate Guide to Life with your Cat.  The 300-plus page book is the best explanation Paws for Reflection has seen to why cats behave the way they do. With the recent release of ‘Total Cat Mojo’...

Cure4Cats 4

Cures4Cats Day, Oct. 21 highlights Winn Feline Foundation’s research

Cures4Cats Day, Oct. 21 highlights Winn Feline Foundation research on cats Cats provide their people with companionship and love, and as 92% of surveyed cat owners agree, feline health plays a significant role in their overall well-being. Winn Feline Foundation has established October...

Hurricane Irma's heros will be many 12

Hurricane Irma’s Cat Heroes work before the storm hits Florida

Hurricane Irma’s Cat Heroes will be many, as many humans are going above and beyond to stand by and save cats, even before the massive Hurricane hit Florida. The devastation from this now Category 4 hurricane  was expected to be massive.   Here,...

Status of Cats 4

Steve Dale talks about the status of cats in 2017

While the status of cats in 2017 is increasing, cats still cats remain second class citizens. Paws for Reflection reached out to renowned pet columnist and member of the Winn Feline Foundation’s Board of Directors, Steve Dale to talk about the status of...


Taking your cat to the vet can be easy – here’s how

Taking your cat to the vet can be easy. Here’s how! Paws is sharing 10 proven strategies to make taking your cat to the vet a cake walk. Today is National Take Your Cat to the Vet Day, Aug. 22, 2017, and we...

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