Cat Safety

Keep kitty safe from heat stroke this summer (Infographic courtesy of

Keep kitty safe during hot Summer days

Today, Paws for Reflection, wants to take a look at how we can keep our cats safe when the temperatures soar into the 90’s...

Keep your cats & dogs safe this #Fourth of July

Pets don’t understand all the frivolity, noise, and celebrations surround the Fourth of July. To them, it’s scary, chaotic, and an intrusion on their...
Cats should get used to the pet carrier before going on vacation.

Pet Travel: keep pets safe all year long

Traveling safely with our pets is essential to a great vacation, no matter what time of year. And even though Jan. 2 was National...
Easter Lilly, beautiful, but poisonous to cats.

Easter Lilies can be deadly for cats

Easter Lilies are deadly for cats. Even 2 or 3 petals or leaves can result in severe kidney failure. If you see our cat...
When your cat needs meds, its imperative to find a dependable pet sitter.

Professional Pet Sitter’s Week: Tips to find the right pet sitter

Finding a pet sitter isn't all the easy, especially if you live in rural America.this week, The first week is March, is Professional Pet Sitters...
Lenny, a feral kitten, learned everything from humans

Hypothermia & Frostbite serious threats to cats in winter

Hypothermia and frostbite pose serious threats to cats in winter. Severe hypothermia can kill you pet. Frostbite can lead to serious damage to the ears, tail,...
Blizzard warning - stay safe inside, humans and kitties

Blizzard 2015 Cats: Safe & warm inside watching it snow

Wordless Wednesday: Blizzard 2015: No worries for these cats, safe inside, watching it snow. Here, my cats enjoy a nice cozy day, inside, watching the...
Save Kittens – Support the Kitten Bill reducing cat overpopulation

Safety Tips to help Feral Cats as the temperatures dip

Imagine, the life of a feral cat. They live outside, in colonies. They are skittish if not totally afraid of humans. They deal with...
Paws sees snow for first time.

10 Indoor Cat safety tips as temperatures plummet

Keeping kitty warm and safe during January's frigid temperatures is important for indoor kitties as well as the ferals. Today's post will focus on 10...
Heartworm Cycle

Cats get heartworm & there’s no cure for what can be a fatal disease,...

Cats get heartworm. While not as common as in dogs, both indoor and outdoor cats are susceptible to getting heartworm. It is difficult to...