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This Maine Coon cat shows why he's so special.

Maine Coon Cats, a favorite in the Cat Fancy

Wordless Wednesday: Maine Coon Cats, a true favorite in the Cat Fancy and in the general public. Why do you think the Maine Coon Cat...

Wordless Wednesday: Kitty Dreams of Summer & Winter Antics

      What do you think your kitties are dreaming about right now - playing in the snow, on snoozing in the sunshine? Share your thoughts.    

NauTICAts TICA Cat Show showcases beautiful coons, Savanahs, Bengals, Orientals and much more

Cat shows are both entertaining and educational. Every year TICA (The International Cat Association) sponsors the NauTICAts Cat Show, the largest cat show in...

Wordless Wednesday: Unhappy Maine Coon Cat

This Maine Coon is not too happy about the judge checking her out at a recent Cat Fancier's show in Springvale, Maine.