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President’s Day – Presidential Cats

Presidential Cats at the White House Even though President Clinton’s cat, Socks, is probably the most famous cat that lived in the White House, being nicknamed Chief Executive Cat. President Abraham Lincoln was the first President to bring cats to the White House,...


Do cats enjoy the history & festivities of Saint Patrick’s Day?

Do cats enjoy Saint Patrick’s Day and the history, legends, and folklore that go with it? Do they like the shamrocks, wearing of the green, dreaming of the leprechaun’s pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, or indulging in a, oh...

Siamese with a hat toy 4

Siamese cats, a favorite, originated in Siam & are surrounded by history, legend & lore

The beloved Siamese with their ‘meezer’ meows, Velcro personality, steel-blue eyes, and points that come in various colors, remains a favorite both in and out of the Cat Fancy. While the Siamese does resemble the Egyptian Cat Goddess, Bastet, it is believed the...

Cats scratching and kneading is hardwired into their behavior 6

Mainers love their cats, so much so they have an official state cat: the Maine Coon Cat

Mainers love their cats, so much so that it was named the best place to live for cat the online real estate resource Estately.  Although Vermont, named the second-best cat state, ranked higher, the fact that Maine has an official state cat helped boost its rankings....

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