Sunday, January 17, 2021
Free Comprehensive Guide on Cat Scratching
Little Yellow Cat looks for his pot of Gold for St. Patrick's Day.

Cats ready to celebrate #St. Patrick’s Day

These cats are getting ready to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. They are wearing the green, checking out the Shamrocks, hunting for their pot of...

Cat’s Celebrate New Year’s Safely at Home

Wordless Wednesday: Cats Celebrate New Year's    
Tabby cat Lenny helps sort through documents, helping his mum prepare for taxes

Cats get ready to file their taxes before April 15 deadline

Wordless Wednesday: Cats get ready to file their income taxes At the Paws' household, the kitties help their mum get ready to do her...
This handsome Siamese at is taking it easy so he can watch the Summer Olympics in Prime Time all week.

#Sunday Selfie: Handsome Blue Eyes, a Siamese Cat

  We are hopping with The Cat on My Head
Time out to regroup for a winning strategy for this kitty football player.

#DeflateGate: Kitty Style

Kitties play DeflateGate, Ready for the Superbowl With all the hoopla over DeflateGate, Paws wanted to have some fun, and see how our feline...