Thursday, August 13, 2020
Free Comprehensive Guide on Cat Scratching
Kitty is ready for baseball's opening day

Cats ready to play baseball

Wordless Wednesday: Cats are ready to play baseball Baseball is America's favorite past-time, and with July fast approaching, Paws thought our kitties might like to...
Cats are good for us

Cat Wrestling Match Video

Here's my latest video - Cat Wrestling Match. Paws is working to incorporate video into our blogging and social media mix. We're starting out with...
Time out to regroup for a winning strategy for this kitty football player.

#DeflateGate: Kitty Style

Kitties play DeflateGate, Ready for the Superbowl With all the hoopla over DeflateGate, Paws wanted to have some fun, and see how our feline...
Kitty Tubby looks absolutely handsome in his Santa hat.

#New Year’s Resolutions We Cats Just Won’t Do

Here's ten things the kitties of this household say they won't come up with for New Year's Resolutions, no matter what their humans says. 1)...
Our cats are the best valentines

10 Reasons my cats are the best #Valentines

My cats are just the best Valentines. They are my sweethearts. Here's why? 1) They love me unconditionally. No matter what, they love their human...