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FLenny, a feral kitten, learned everything from humans 4

Cats are hardwired to reproduce; stop feline overpopulation by spay/neuter

February 23 is Spay Day USA Cats are hardwired to reproduce. They can go into heat every two weeks, and can a litter of kittens two to three times a year with up to six kittens in each litter, resulting in quite a...

Beautiful cats is a great gift idea for the cat people in your life. 2

Beautiful Cats is alot more than just a book of stunning cat photos

Darlene Arden and Nick Mays’ ‘Beautiful Cats, Portraits of Champion Breed Preened to Perfection’ is chock full of gorgeous pictures of show cat around the world, making the coffee table book an ideal gift for any cat affictionarios. With 40 studio portraits of...

Striking Egyptian Mau 3

Beautiful Egyptian Mau’s

Wordless Wednesday: Beautiful Egyptian Mau The Egyptian Mau is a very active cat, and may not be for everyone, but they are indeed a stunningly striking cat. What’s your favorite cat, or do you just like them all. Please comment and weigh in...

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